Welcome to my world, where anything is possible. Whether my stories are dealing with humans, cowboys, vampires, shape shifters, or Fae – one thing is for certain, romance is full of magic. And…

where there’s magic, mayhem will surely follow.

Dear Readers,

There is something fascinating about a world where there are no limits to the imagination. One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced as a writer was trying to fit my stories into a specific mold. In the process, I discovered that these stories felt flat. They were missing something. Every word was penned in a vain attempt to fit something that was not true to who I was as a writer and it wasn’t working for me. Now I write the stories of my heart. Regardless of whether I’m crafting a story in a contemporary setting, or one that is steeped in myth and magic, they are tales of life, love, and the obstacles the characters must endure to reach their happy ending – whether that is a love that spans a lifetime or survival for the main character and those they care about.

Whether my characters are cowboys on Texas ranches, witches in Alabama, fallen angels on the east coast, or wolves and Fae in the Las Vegas valley, my goal is to create a story that will capture your attention from page one and to breathe life into characters that you can relate to on some level.


Stick around for the journey, sláinte!




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