Rosinski Van hamme


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  • Titre de livre: Western
  • ISBN: 1849180849
  • Date de sortie: July 7, 2011
  • Broché: 64 pages
  • Auteur: Rosinski Van hamme
  • Éditeur: Cinebook



Wyoming, 1868. Ambrosius Van Deer has come to Fort Laramie to meet Jess Chisum, a young man who claims he's found Van Deer's nephew Eddie. 10 years before, Edwyn Van Deer disappeared after his family was killed in a Lakota raid. Proof of his identity: a silver watch with a portrait of his parents. But fate has other plans than a happy family reunion - and the events of that day will set in motion a tragedy 15 years in the making.

Jean Van Hamme was born in 1939 in Belgium. His major breakthrough came in 1977, when he created the Viking hero ThorgalA" for Grzegorz Rosinski. The mix of medieval legends and heroic fantasy soon became a huge success, with major awards following. He is also the creator of the bestselling series Largo WinchA" and XIIIA" (published in English by Cinebook). Grzegorz Rosinski is one of the most popular artists of comic books in Western Europe. Among his later works are the series Thorgal and ChninkelA" (with Van Hamme) and a series titled La complainte des landes perduesA" (with Jean Dufaux).