‘Tis the Season for…

The World Series, Birthdays, Halloween, edits, NaNo preparation (aka plotting), writing, reading, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and dare I say it… one must fit sleeping into the schedule somewhere!

This time of year is always a bit hectic in my world. For some reason, fate had my sister and I having all the kids from the end of August on. Apparently, we like a busy fall and winter. Along with the birthday bashes that will be occurring, we have the World Series coming up and this girl loves some baseball!


A Red Sox vs Cardinals Smackdown. Love it! I have some friends in St. Louis who’ve made the playoffs real fun to watch as I swear I’m rooting for the team opposing them (though between us, I’m not. I’m a Rangers fan and they lost the fight so I just watch for the love of the game now).

There are two more weeks and National Novel Writing Month kicks into full gear. The countdown is on for prepping one’s self for this month long marathon. I need to clear my desk. Focus my mind. Harness my writing chi. Plotting must occur, which is a huge undertaking for a writer who typically flies by the seat of her pants when she puts her fingers to the keys. Still, to survive Nano, which I’ll admit I’ve yet to do, one must be prepared.

So far, in preparing for this upcoming whirlwind of writing, I’ve managed to decide what book I will be working on (kind of huge piece of the puzzle), started to loosely plot (and I do mean loosely), worked on finalizing Frost for release, and I’ve worked on getting some pre-edits done on Anything but Safe so I can send that back to the publisher. What will I be focusing my NaNo efforts on? The second book in the McGregor series of course. Yes, I’m fully aware that several readers were hoping for the second Moonlight book and their hearts sank a little. No worries. The second installment of the Moonlight trilogy will be coming, it just takes longer for me to work through than the McGregor books.

Now I’m off to get some work done before I must leave for the day job. There is lot’s happening behind the scenes over here in Moira’s world. ‘Tis the season for a lot of different things. What is on your plate as we stat to kick of the season of food, family, and fun?

Take Me Out To The Ball Game~

That’s right folks… the time has arrived. This is my favorite sport. Season openers were on Monday for most teams… however there was a great season opener on Sunday for the Red Sox and Yankees. That was a good game. Go BoSox! They met again on Tuesday which I didn’t see but cursed my phone when the display showed the Yankees win, and then Wednesday, I had high hopes, but they blew it in the tenth inning. :( Such is the way of baseball.

Other teams I like to keep tabs on? Dodgers (who won their first game finally), Angels, and Cubs (All for you Riss). However, it is baseball people…. if there is a game, its all good in my book.

P.S. Things are starting to flow again in the realm of Devlin & Kiara… so the paranormal is slowly getting back on track. I just love when the muse is in my dugout.