That is how I feel at the moment. Torn between two projects. As many of you know, the story formerly known as Chosen (which has yet to be renamed), has continually been the thorn in my side. I am in love with the characters, the story line…in fact there is very little I do not like about it. Well I digress, there is one thing. The fact that I can’t seem to finish it! So as I fight like the devil where that story is concerned, I put it to the side for fear of killing both it and my love for it.

Meanwhile, I brainstorm an idea with a friend. Fall in love. Decide to plot. It is working well. But the need to actually write pulls at me. I refuse to put pen to paper or fingers to keys until I really get the plotting stuff somewhat completed. Then the guilt hits. Why am I working on something new when I can’t finish what I was already working on? I truly have no business doing that. It’s no wonder I have anywhere from twenty to thirty partials on my desktop. Seriously, that is no joke.

So I have compromised. It was the best I could do with a divided heart. I will continue to plot the young adult book and not pen a word at this point, but I will also give in to my need to write with the other manuscript because it is just shy of 60k and that is a lot of work to just put to the side. Maybe the plotting will help renew my interest in the other. Maybe it will hinder me more. Who knows. All I know is… maybe if I hadn’t been so willing to share bits of my story prior to now, people wouldn’t be bugging for the finished version of it and I wouldn’t feel so guilty for putting it to the side. But as they say… I made my bed and now I must lay in it. Well I am getting nothing done at the moment. Time to get back to work.


Character Quote Day~

Yes, implementing such a day may just bring a smile to my face. (I know it will please my darling Row more than words could ever say.) Here’s how it will work. I will randomly select a quote from the current WIP. Obviously out of context, some may not make sense, but I never promised sense? This is me we are talking about right? Oh did I mention I have three WIPs at the moment? Just kidding, although I do have three in the works, I am focusing all (well almost all) of my attention on one. So without further adieu… I give you a slice of my current WIP ~ Chosen.

“Uneasy?” The brogue lacing his words elicited sinful and unwelcome thoughts from my mind. With a slight flare of his nostrils, he sniffed the air and smiled as he raked a hand through his short, mussed, raven colored hair. His gaze rested on my desk and he picked up the overturned picture of my mother. “Miss Morgan, your unease is understandable. However, I’m here to speak on your father’s behalf, not to get shot.”

That is from Devlin, my hero in this tome and that is all I am giving you. I will do this once a week until I finish the novel. Sorry, begging and chocolates will not garner you story quotes on off days, though I do appreciate them. ;)