Character Quote Day~

Yes, implementing such a day may just bring a smile to my face. (I know it will please my darling Row more than words could ever say.) Here’s how it will work. I will randomly select a quote from the current WIP. Obviously out of context, some may not make sense, but I never promised sense? This is me we are talking about right? Oh did I mention I have three WIPs at the moment? Just kidding, although I do have three in the works, I am focusing all (well almost all) of my attention on one. So without further adieu… I give you a slice of my current WIP ~ Chosen.

“Uneasy?” The brogue lacing his words elicited sinful and unwelcome thoughts from my mind. With a slight flare of his nostrils, he sniffed the air and smiled as he raked a hand through his short, mussed, raven colored hair. His gaze rested on my desk and he picked up the overturned picture of my mother. “Miss Morgan, your unease is understandable. However, I’m here to speak on your father’s behalf, not to get shot.”

That is from Devlin, my hero in this tome and that is all I am giving you. I will do this once a week until I finish the novel. Sorry, begging and chocolates will not garner you story quotes on off days, though I do appreciate them. ;)