Merry Menage Christmas Holiday Obsessions

I have a wicked obsession with Jack Frost. I imagine him as this extremely over the top sexy elf that has a very naughty streak. I caved to that obsession one year and wrote a little story about him. Now I’m feeling the need to elaborate on it. Get more inside Jack Frost than I did before. Afterall, who wouldn’t want a man who would go to extremes to get you back? Here is a sampling of the original story.

Excerpt from Frost~

I couldn’t let him go. Allowing him to walk away would mean I failed. No matter what the history was between us, I couldn’t let that happen. Without thinking, I grabbed his arm, leaned in close enough to smell the scent of cool pine-laced breezes wafting off his skin, and whispered, “I don’t want you to go.”
He turned his head slightly, his lips brushing against my cheek as he spoke. “Why?”
The slight contact wreaked havoc on my nerves and I began to tremble. He was so close. All I’d have to do is reach out and take him. But I couldn’t. Doing so was against regulation. He was my assignment. Taking him into custody and returning him to the North Pole was a direct order given by Santa himself. Giving in to my own wishes and desires was not an option.
“I…wrapping.” My voice sounded far off and distant. Like I was having an out-of-body experience. Around Jack, I always wanted to be present in body, at the very least. I started to hyperventilate.
“Oh.” A small, swirling pattern of snowflakes appeared to take form in the depths of his eyes. “Walk with me.”
He placed his hand at the small of my back, briefly brushing my handcuffs. “You were going to handcuff me?”
“Last resort only.”
“Really?” He pulled at my over shirt to reveal my gun and the corners of his mouth drew up in amusement “And this is purely an accessory?”
“Want me to shoot you?”
“Not if it’s filled with one of Doc’s tranqs. Wouldn’t want you to take advantage of me.” He chuckled as we walked through the crowd towards Macy’s.
“It’s no spiked eggnog.” I said, unable to keep the past at bay.
“Still equally as powerful.” With a wink, he maneuvered me into a corner. “We could test it if you like, you know, for old times.”
I didn’t like feeling boxed in, my back against a wall. It did give me a good view of the area though, allowing me to plan my escape route if I should need one. Around Jack, I’d learned to be prepared for the unexpected.
With his hands splayed on the wall on either side of me, Jack rested his forehead against mine. “Why did you leave that morning?”
Of all the questions he could have asked me in that moment, that one caught me off guard. I couldn’t think while he touched me and his breath warmed my cheeks. “It was a drunken night of wild abandon—”
“And wrapping paper,” he interjected.
“Yes, and while it was fun, it was one night. It didn’t mean anything.” Or so I’d been trying desperately to convince myself.
“Didn’t stick around long enough to find out, did you?” He leaned in and pressed his lips gently to mine.


Want to read the rest of the Frost story in it’s entirety you can find it on my Bookshelf page.

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On the 6th Day of Christmas~

My friends at Passionate Critters gave to you…

The Last Snowy Encounter by our very own Clarissa Yip!

If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Cole and Maddy in Snowy Encounters, here’s a little more of their story. If you haven’t…well what are you waiting for? Go check it out at PC now!

FF~ What I Love About the Holidays

This blog is about to get crazy over the next week and a half or so as the Holidays near and some free online short stories are made available to you. And honestly, as this time of year is crazy for many of us, I find it even more so with the Zombie Twins having their birthday so close to Christmas (practically a week before). Anyhow, lets discuss my Friday Five… holiday style!

  1. Christmas Movies! I’m a sucker for Holiday movies, and here are a few must sees in order for the Holiday to be complete: N.L.’s Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story, White Christmas, and Polar Express
  2. The Holidays mean yummy Starbuck’s coffee perfect to feed my addiction! A White Chocolate Peppermint Mocha or Caramel Brulee Latte usually do the trick for me.
  3. Family & Traditions! Need I say more? There is a traditional Christmas Eve Open House that was started when my father was a little boy and he carries on that tradition today. Loads of work, yet oh so worth it.
  4. Holiday Baking. Need I say more? There is nothing like putting together little baskets of homemade treats and giving them out to your friends. It has a way of spreading a little Holiday Cheer!
  5. The excitement the Zombie Twins and all the other children have when the magic of Christmas is in the air. It is infectious even on our worst days.

May you be infected with the joy and magic of the Holidays!