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I drew you in with the word Rafflecopter, didn’t I? You can admit it. It’s okay, I promise I won’t judge. Rafflecopter’s are totally cool and suck me in too. No, you came to just check out the new release? Really? Well however you came to be here, you won’t want to miss playing along!

Let’s go royal, shall we? Go forth and grab your copy of the newly released boxed set from The Mystical Boxed Set Babes. Ten stories for ninety nine little pennies. It’s available NOW! Get it while it’s hot! We also have a blog tour going on, so if you blog, please click on the link below and help us out.

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Today’s the Day!

That’s right folks, today is the day that the first McGregor book makes it’s debut! And to help me celebrate, I’ve invited a few of my dear critique partners to come over and hit me with some questions they were dying to know the answers too. So today I’m being grilled by the lovely Jennifer Shirk, Beth Rhodes, Nina Croft,  Debora Dennis, Megan, and Molly McLain. Careful, this could get dangerous…

Jennifer – What are some of your favorite books to read and why?

Moira – Oh that is tough. I’m a pretty eclectic reader. Sometimes I love to read paranormal romance and urban fantasy. The idea that a world exists where you can run into someone who is something more than they seem, like a vampire or shape shifter, is appealing. But I also really enjoy contemporary romance, because who doesn’t love to read a story that is somewhat of a modern day fairy tale? And mysteries for those moments when I want to immerse myself in an edge of my seat suspense.

Nina – I’m a strong believer in writing what you love. I love horses and I noticed one on your cover. So are you are horse person and if not would you like to be?

Moira – I love horses though I haven’t had the opportunity to ride since I was little and even then, the horse knew that I was afraid and inexperienced. If I had the chance, I would love to be a horse person though! I envy people who can ride and have their own horse!

Beth – If you could take two things and one person on a deserted island, what and who would they be?

Moira- Hmm….two things and one person? That’s really tough. The mom in me wants to fight to take both my kids so I’m going to pretend this happens when they are older and self sustaining. I will say my laptop, cellphone (because I can use it for music and should there be some random cell reception out there, internet), and for the person I think I will take Chris Pine because he’s super easy on the eyes. ;)

Megan – What’s your favorite way to turn around an unproductive/uninspired day? (Writing or otherwise…I have plenty of uninspired days around this place!)

Moira – Oh I can relate. Have plenty myself. Usually, my favorite thing to do is to step away from the computer for a bit, and then put on some music that ties into the book somehow like a little Luke Bryan, Colt Ford, or Thompson Square if I’m working on a contemp western, or if it’s a UF or paranormal I’m working on, then I go with some Linkin Park, Social Distortion, or Flogging Molly. Then I sing, clean, dance, whatever to help clear my head. That’s usually when things start clicking for me and then I’m excited to get back to my computer and the story!

Molly – If your book were a movie, who would you want to play your characters?

Moira – You would ask me such a question. You guys aren’t going easy on me are you? Let’s see…if my book were a movie, I think I would go with Christopher Pine to play Wallace (he just seems like he’d make a good Wallace in my opinion) plus I’m completely enamored with him. Cheyenne is a little more difficult for me to nail down…Ashley Greene or Jillian Murray I think.

Debora – If you were able to have lunch with one of the secondary characters in the book, which one would it by and why?

Moira – Well gee, can’t I sit down with all of them? They all have something that fascinates me and makes me want to know more. No? Okay I would have to say Quinn McGregor. He’s the glue of the McGregor clan and I really want to be able to peel back the layers and see what really makes him tick, what he’s passionate about other than his family, and what makes him happy.

Wow ladies! You really asked me some good questions and I’m so glad y’all stopped by to help me celebrate my book release! It is available from Amazon and Astraea Press.

Now on to the good stuff! For all you lovely readers out there, I have some prizes to give away.Today I will be giving away a grand prize package that will include a $15 gift certificate to Amazon, a $10 Starbucks gift card (because I’m a coffee junkie), an e-Book copy of Anything but Safe. From all the entries received, I will also select five readers that will win a book written by one of the members of my lovely interview panel. Their books range from steamy to sweet and are all enjoyable reads! Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below and rack up your chances to win!

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Merry Menage Christmas Holiday Obsessions

I have a wicked obsession with Jack Frost. I imagine him as this extremely over the top sexy elf that has a very naughty streak. I caved to that obsession one year and wrote a little story about him. Now I’m feeling the need to elaborate on it. Get more inside Jack Frost than I did before. Afterall, who wouldn’t want a man who would go to extremes to get you back? Here is a sampling of the original story.

Excerpt from Frost~

I couldn’t let him go. Allowing him to walk away would mean I failed. No matter what the history was between us, I couldn’t let that happen. Without thinking, I grabbed his arm, leaned in close enough to smell the scent of cool pine-laced breezes wafting off his skin, and whispered, “I don’t want you to go.”
He turned his head slightly, his lips brushing against my cheek as he spoke. “Why?”
The slight contact wreaked havoc on my nerves and I began to tremble. He was so close. All I’d have to do is reach out and take him. But I couldn’t. Doing so was against regulation. He was my assignment. Taking him into custody and returning him to the North Pole was a direct order given by Santa himself. Giving in to my own wishes and desires was not an option.
“I…wrapping.” My voice sounded far off and distant. Like I was having an out-of-body experience. Around Jack, I always wanted to be present in body, at the very least. I started to hyperventilate.
“Oh.” A small, swirling pattern of snowflakes appeared to take form in the depths of his eyes. “Walk with me.”
He placed his hand at the small of my back, briefly brushing my handcuffs. “You were going to handcuff me?”
“Last resort only.”
“Really?” He pulled at my over shirt to reveal my gun and the corners of his mouth drew up in amusement “And this is purely an accessory?”
“Want me to shoot you?”
“Not if it’s filled with one of Doc’s tranqs. Wouldn’t want you to take advantage of me.” He chuckled as we walked through the crowd towards Macy’s.
“It’s no spiked eggnog.” I said, unable to keep the past at bay.
“Still equally as powerful.” With a wink, he maneuvered me into a corner. “We could test it if you like, you know, for old times.”
I didn’t like feeling boxed in, my back against a wall. It did give me a good view of the area though, allowing me to plan my escape route if I should need one. Around Jack, I’d learned to be prepared for the unexpected.
With his hands splayed on the wall on either side of me, Jack rested his forehead against mine. “Why did you leave that morning?”
Of all the questions he could have asked me in that moment, that one caught me off guard. I couldn’t think while he touched me and his breath warmed my cheeks. “It was a drunken night of wild abandon—”
“And wrapping paper,” he interjected.
“Yes, and while it was fun, it was one night. It didn’t mean anything.” Or so I’d been trying desperately to convince myself.
“Didn’t stick around long enough to find out, did you?” He leaned in and pressed his lips gently to mine.


Want to read the rest of the Frost story in it’s entirety you can find it on my Bookshelf page.

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Moonlight Madness!

Can I share with you a little secret? Writing and publishing a book truly test you as an author. At times you feel like you are on the edge of a great chasm and that one deep inhalation will send you plummeting to an uncertain fate. Other times you are absolutely one hundred percent smitten with every word you write and feels as if the heavens open up and smile down on you-stars align and all that jazz. Writing Blood and Moonlight did this for me on many occasions. As any of my early crit partners and friends can tell you, the book was a long time coming. A lot of tweaking. Analyzing. Re-tweaking. Edits. Edits. More edits. You get the picture…madness ensued from word one (and I enjoyed every minute of it, don’t let me convince you otherwise).

Now I’m pulling up a piece of rock, dangling my feet over the edge, staring out across the cavern and thinking, man this has been one hell of a ride! The moon is beautiful, the stars are a twinkling, and we are fast approaching a new moon. That’s right ladies and gents, the 17th the moon will prepare for it’s re-birth, if you will, and we will begin the kickoff of Moonlight Madness in celebration of the release of Blood and Moonlight. OMG! Whoot! Links and blurb information is to the left…check it out. So to celebrate this momentous occasion, we will kick it all off with a little giveaway.

For today anyone who responds to the following question, will be entered into a drawing for a $15 amazon gift card. So what is the question?

Think of your favorite stories and share what things made them so special in your opinion. Is there a common theme? Share with me and let’s dish on the magic and mayhem that make a story so loved by us. I will draw a winner on Sunday!

Peeking Behind the Curtain~ with Rebekah Purdy

Today I’m excited to have Rebekah Purdy here to help me celebrate my new site. I had the opportunity to sit down with Rebekah in a virtual cafe, where she showed up wearing fairy wings and clutching a wand. What was that? You haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her yet? Well here’s your chance. Everybody, this is Young Adult Author Rebekah Purdy—the awesomeness behind the books Staking Shadows and My Dad’s a Paranormal Investigator: Seeking Shapeshifters. Rebekah, this is…well, everybody! Now let’s get to peeling back the curtain and seeing what makes her tick.


Moira: Let’s break the ice shall we? If you could go on a dream date with three people who most influenced your writing, who would they be?

Rebekah: Okay, as many people know, I have a problem with counting (hehehe). So here are 5 instead of three: Wilson Rawls and Ann M. Martin for capturing my attention in 4th grade and instilling a love for reading. R.L. Stine and L.J. Smith for introducing me to YA Thrillers/Paranormal/Horror when I was in high school and making me want to write books. Lastly, Suzanne Collins for inspiring me to want to be a better writer.

Moira: I said three. Not one for following the rules apparently. Fine. I can work with this…just don’t make it a habit. What genre do you write in, and why?

Rebekah: I write YA Fantasy/Paranormal. I think it’s because I’ve always loved the thought of faraway lands and the fantastic. A place where the obscure is the normal.

Moira: I guess your faux pas is forgiven, but only because I’m a huge fan of the obscure, faraway, and fantastical. How long were you writing before you received your first contract for publication?

Rebekah: Hmmm…like 6-7 years (mind totally blanked out—LOL). But yeah, definitely a few years.

Moira: A few perhaps, but they’ve produced some great stories. Speaking of producing great stories, do you need to be in a specific place or atmosphere before the words flow?

Rebekah: Not necessarily, however, I do tend to write better when it’s dreary and stormy out, or if I’m at the beach, listening to the waves crashing in.

Moira: Ha! When I’m at the beach I’m thinking about drinks with little umbrellas, surfers, and relaxing. What’s the strangest source of inspiration you’ve found for a story?

Rebekah: LOL—um, actually it was a spam email I got. I’m hoping to actually write that story later this year.

Moira: Proof that spam can be beneficial (and no we aren’t talking the canned variety). When you aren’t being inspired by spam or dreary weather, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Rebekah: Watch football, soccer, camp, write, sing, hang with my kidlets, watch movies and TV.

Moira: For a fan of the obscure those are very normal spare time occupiers. Let’s see if we can shake things up a bit. Name one thing readers would be surprised to learn about you.

Rebekah: I spent a few years in the US Army and graduated with Honors from Advanced Individual Training (for both the course work/physical fitness).

Moira: Nope. Not obscure enough…though it is a great accomplishment. Still, I want something more. Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

Rebekah: My ears are pierced, and believe it or not I have a tattoo of a crescent moon/star on my ankle (which I got when I was 17).

Moira: Ears?! I’m trying to get to the deeper darker side of Rebekah Purdy and you give me pierced ears! Sheesh. You don’t play fair Ms. Purdy. Sooner or later I’m going to figure you out. If you won the lottery tomorrow, what would you spend the money on?

Rebekah: What wouldn’t I spend it on? LOL. No, but seriously, I’d buy everyone in my family/my hubby’s family a house (or help pay off an existing mortgage). I’d set money aside for my kids. I’d also send some to my friends as well as donate money to the local schools and libraries in support of literacy.

Moira: Well I can’t knock that. Literacy is definitely an issue I think we can all get behind. Which household chore do you abhor and why?

Rebekah: This is a tough one. But I’d say laundry. I don’t mind washing it, but I HATE folding it. It’s like the socks take 2 million years to pair up.

Moira: Agreed. I always thought they were joking about the dryer eating socks when I was younger. Okay, one last attempt to get some dirt on you to be used at an undisclosed time and place for my own benefit. Do you have any guilty pleasures you feel comfortable sharing?

Rebekah: Crushing on celebrities (LOL): Ian Somerhalder, Johnny Depp, Taylor Lautner…

Moira: You can have Taylor. :) The other two we might have to discuss. Which of your characters would you most/least like to invite to dinner and why?

Rebekah: I’d probably invite Maggie, Seth, and Ima over to dinner. They’re all funny/quirky characters and I absolutely LOVE a good laugh.

Moira: I can see that as being one rowdy and hilarious dinner party. One author, dead or alive, and you get to have a one on one with them. Who would it be and why?

Rebekah: Suzanne Collins, because I think she’s brilliant.

Moira: Well should you ever get the chance for that one on one, let me know. Might have a few questions of my own to throw into the pot. Every author has a moment of brilliance in their writing world. Something that just strikes a chord with them for one reason or another. Name one scene you go back and re-read often because you like it so much.

Rebekah: This is hard because I have a few. But probably the scene where my main character Maggie is trying to convince the guy she’s had a crush on since elementary school that she already has a boyfriend.

Moira: Ooh, that’s definitely a good one. If you could have one talent besides writing, what would it be?

Rebekah: Ohhh…making movies. Like using real special effects and stuff.

Moira: The Fairy Godmother Files: Cinderella Complex is the first in a series about Maggie Winters. What gave you the idea for the series?

Rebekah: Actually, I was kinda playing the what-if game one day. What if a teen found out she was to become the new Fairy Godmother? What if her first assignment was someone she completely loathed, and on top of that the guy she’s crushing on might be a part of that happy ending?

Moira: The ‘what-if’ game is one of my favorite brainstorming activities. So, is there anything top secret or special you’d like to share?

Rebekah: Hmmm…not at the moment. But I suppose people might like to know that I have several Star Wars songs on my MP3 player (hehehe). May the Force be with you! Oh and I like to do character voices (Yoda, Stitch (from Lilo and Stitch).

Moira: Not exactly what I had in mind there young Padawan. In closing, tell us a bit about your latest release (& share an excerpt for those who aren’t yet familiar with your work)

Rebekah: The Fairy Godmother Files: Cinderella Complex Blurb:

Sixteen-year-old Maggie Winters can’t think of anything more exciting than junior year. There’s her first prom to look forward to, she can drive, and most important Connor Prince has finally noticed her. But unfortunately so has the school snob, Katrina Melville, who goes out of her way to make Maggie’s life a living hell. If that’s not enough, Maggie’s grandma has decided to retire, which doesn’t seem like such a big deal. That is until she finds out her grandma is a Fairy Godmother, and not just any Fairy Godmother. The Fairy Godmother, as in Cinderella, pumpkins, and mice. And she has informed Maggie that she’s next in line to become the new Fairy Godmother.


At first Maggie is excited, the whole getting wings, flying (or rather trying not to crash), and a wand that lets her grant wishes. It’s like being a superhero, without all the action, explosions, and spandex. Then she gets her first assignment, Katrina Melville, her nemesis. And if that doesn’t make her want to poof herself into oblivion, she finds out that part of Katrina’s happily-ever-after is Connor Prince. Life is so unfair. Even worse, she can’t tell her two best friends about any of it and they’re getting sick of her disappearing acts. Then there are the dangerous creatures, called Grimms who will stop at nothing to keep the happy endings from being fulfilled, even if it means destroying the Fairy Godmother responsible. With time running out, Maggie has to make this wish come true or it will ruin the fates of everyone involved, and open the world to darkness beyond imagination. Maggie will soon find out what it truly means to be a Fairy Godmother—and it isn’t all about princes, gowns, and wings, but something much more.



“Now comes the fun part.” Grandma opened the sliding glass doors leading onto the balcony. “You need to learn how to fly.” She tugged a lounge chair next to the railing. “Just climb up here and leap off.”

Not that I didn’t love my grandma, but she’d lost her ever-loving mind. No way in the world did any of my plans include jumping to my death. I took a step back. “I don’t think that’s such a good idea.”

“It’s like riding a bike.”

Maybe now was a good time to remind her how much I’d fallen down while learning to ride my bike. Taking a deep breath, I glanced at the ground below. It was a long way down. My pulse buzzed like a warning bell in my ears. Insane didn’t begin to describe this idea. More like freakin’ idiotic. And yet, I climbed onto the chair, then up onto the railing. I felt like a suicide on the ledge of a skyscraper.

“Think of your wings.” Grandma stood next to me, her hand resting on my calf.

Squeezing my eyes shut, I imagined my wings. The back of my shirt ripped and my wings expanded. Ugh, I loved this shirt. “Okay, I’m up here.” I kept my focus straight ahead. As long as I didn’t see the ground, I’d be all right, or at least I hoped I would be.

Grandma shoved me. I flailed off the balcony. She was trying to flippin’ kill me. In two seconds I’d be splatter on the lawn.

“Flap your wings,” she called.

The ground came at me at an alarming rate. Then, to my amazement, my wings kicked in, brushing air. Like a butterfly, I shot forward, gliding.

“Make sure you’re steering yourself.” Grandma’s voice sounded far away.

My lips tilted into a smile as I flew higher. Cool night air kissed my cheeks and whipped through my hair. I felt so free. I felt so—smack—a low-hanging tree limb whapped me in the face. Ow, crap! My face stung and my eyes watered. Right. Need to watch where I’m going. A strong gust of wind billowed in, catching my wings and tipping me backward. Like an out-of-control kite, I half fell, half glided toward the ground and into the side of a car.

Beep. Beep. Beep. The car alarm blared. I rubbed my arm and head. Now I knew how road kill felt.

“You okay?” Grandma hollered down.

“Sure, just give me a second to pull the fiberglass out of my face.” I stood and wiped myself off.

Grandma laughed. “You’ll get the hang of it. Maybe you should fly home tonight. Give yourself a chance to get used to your new wings.”

Sure, great idea. Then maybe I’d fly into the grill of a semi-truck or a hunter might shoot me out of the sky, thinking I was a big duck or something. And they’d stuff me like a turduken—only I’d be a turMaggen. Yeah, not a great visual. Because either way I looked at it, something or someone was going to be shoved into some place they didn’t want to go.

What had I gotten myself into? Grandma smiled and gestured for me to fly back up to her.

A Fairy Godmother. Me. Maggie Winters. The new Fairy Godmother. And I had no idea what I was doing.


Moira: Well that was definitely a treat! Thanks for letting me torture you Rebekah and hanging out with us today. For all you voracious readers out there, you can learn more about Rebekah Purdy and her books over at .

Thanks for stopping in. One copy of Cinderella Complex is up for grabs so ask your questions or just comment!


Monday Kickoff!

So here we are…Monday. Ugh. Is there anything worse than a Monday? Sunday night perhaps when you are lying in bed, thinking about how you wish it was Saturday night so you had one more day of the weekend.

Well lets see if we can’t get this week off to a good start shall we? I am celebrating the re-launch of my website. Isn’t it lovely? I think what better way to start a celebration than to give away a prize right? (Not to mention the fact that it would make Monday a cheery happy day too.) So today I will do a drawing for a $10 gift certificate to either Barnes and Noble or Amazon. Winners choice! All you have to do to win? Comment here on the blog to be entered into the drawing! I will choose the big winner at 6pm PST. Get busy commenting and have a great Monday!


FF~ Easter things

In honor of April and Easter, the girls over at Passionate Critters are lending a helping hand to the long-eared fellow who delivers eggs and random goodies! How are we helping? Well through the fun of an Easter Egg hunt and a small quest no doubt. First though, lets do the Friday Five! (Other Fivers are listed in the sidebar!)

Five things I love about Easter~


1. Easter Baskets

2. The Mall Easter Bunny

3. Colorful Easter Eggs

4. Chocolate Bunnies

5. The Easter Hat

Five things I remember from Easters past. Now go hop on over to the Passionate Critters blog to discover what the girls at PC have in store for you and be prepared for fun. Yours truly is the first up so be prepared for all that is  in store for you this month! The hunt could garner you a new book, some chocolate, a gift certificate, and other goodies. Most of all… loads of fun!

Follow all month long and make sure you enter all the way through to the end for your chance to win a gift certificate! Go check it out! Passionate Critters Easter Egg Hunt goes live today!

Who’s Your Cowboy?

The winner of the autographed copy of the Wild Ride Anthology is….. ahem, can I have a drum roll please?

Shelley Munro!

Yee Haw! Okay, we only have a small request here. You have to let me know if you found it just as difficult to choose your favorite cowboy among the mix. I am quite partial to Levi since I did dream about him for so long, but my partners in crime in this novella wrote some equally hot and drool worthy cowboys, so I will take no offense. :)

Anyone else who has read ALL three stories present in the Wild Ride Anthology, sound off for me on your favorite cowboy if you will. Just because of curiosity sake and the very deep seeded desire to dish on all that hawtness!

Contest ~ Wild Ride!

Wild Ride features three incredible stories with unbelievable characters. Seriously, take a look at the cover blurbs.

Buckling Down by Moira Keith~ Levi is in Vegas with one simple goal: cement his place in rodeo history. Then Lady Luck throws a wild card. Time hasn’t dulled his attraction to Sydney, but she’ll always be forbidden fruit. Sydney’s ready to give up on love…until Levi walks into her bar. She may think love’s not in the cards for her, but that doesn’t mean a girl can’t flirt…

Strong, Silent Type by Lorelei James~ Quinn thought he’d just bide time until Libby called a halt to this “trial separation”. He never believed it would drag on for a coon’s age. Libby knows he’s not prone to showing his feelings, but it looks like he’d rather hold onto his pride than to her. One weekend of uninterrupted sexual decadence with him is tempting…but will it solve anything?

The Real Deal by Niki Green~ When Willa looks out into the crowd during her burlesque act and sees a familiar face staring back, her past comes crashing down around her. Chase has some hard questions for the former love of his life, and he wants answers—even if he has to throw her over his shoulder and drag her back home…

They vary in heat, but they all deliver an awesome love story. (This is not entirely based on my biased opinion, but on feedback from readers. ;) ) Okay, here we go. This is for a print copy of Wild Ride, featuring my novella Buckling Down and signed by yours truly.

How do you enter? Simple. Become a fan on Facebook, get an entry. If you are already a fan let me know and your entry will still be given. Do you twitter? Follow me there and that is another entry. Tell me what you love in a good romance story and you get another entry.

Come back here and either comment here with your twitter/facebook id’s or feel free to drop me an email at moria (at) moirakeith(dot)com and I will get your entries in. Please be sure to input your email address in the space provided when commenting, otherwise I will have no way to contact you if you won. I will draw a winner on Sunday, March 21st. Good Luck!