Friday Five ~ Blood & Moonlight Favorites

These are some favorite bits and pieces of my current release Blood and Moonlight, the first book in my Moonlight Trilogy.

1. In this bit, the heroine, Kiara is scolding her best friend Reese for taking away all her fun when Kiara unsuccessfully attempts to distract Reese from the wolf outside the office by flashing her new shoe purchase. Reese is quite a character as you will see by her line:

My nervously twitching foot drew Reese’s gaze to my recently purchased Louboutin heels and her eyes glimmered, but even shoes weren’t enough to divert her attention from the man in the other room. “Nice try, Kiara, but your mastery in the art of distraction will not work this time. Just smile and be polite.”

“You take away all of my fun.”

“We’ve been living in this neon jungle for months now, yet you spend all of your time here. If this is fun—” She dramatically waved her arm around the office—”Then I’m seriously misinformed.”

2. In this bit, Kiara and Devlin are sitting in a bar. A woman practically throws herself at Devlin who brushes her off. This is the exchange after the woman walks away:

“Wow, do women typically throw themselves at you like that?”

A wickedly seductive smile crossed his face. “Upset you didn’t beat her to it?”

“Don’t hold your breath.” I tossed back the whiskey, stood, grabbed my purse from the bar and muttered, “Thanks for the drink.”

3. I’m quite fond of the interactions between Kiara and Reese and you will find that their friendship does add a certain something to the book. Here is a scene where Kiara is having a bit of difficulty getting out of bed:

“True.” Reese pulled my pillow away. “Now, you can get up willingly, or I can fetch a man to come roust you from the bed.”

I moaned as the relentless throbbing in my head exceeded the point of being bearable. “Damn it, Reese!”

“Sorry, but I need you to get up. You know…concerns about a concussion and all that.”

“No concussion—just a headache. Nothing a little caffeine won’t fix. And Reese, it’s far too early for you to be speaking of rousting. We’re not at court.”

4. Here you get a bit of interaction between the fae queen, Kiara, and Devlin. Mostly, I love this bit for the few comments I’m sharing from Kiara and Devlin.

“The court’s still suffering from your mother’s absence. Even though you are exiled, seeing to your needs, in this instance, was the least I could do.”

“Thank you.”

Her smile was forced as she slid her arm through mine and led me to the rear of the car. Her driver opened the trunk. “I am certain these will suit your needs.”

I peered into the small lit area and smiled. “A woman after my own heart.”

“Ah, some things never change, wee one. I remember your fondness for certain weaponry.”

A somewhat maniacal laugh bubbled out before I could stop it. I pulled the gun and several rounds of ammo out of the trunk. The seemingly, now-permanent male fixture in my life moved up next to me and took in the relatively small cache of weapons.

“Are you going to war?” he asked.

Armed with guns and the mp3 player in my pocket grounded me. They made me feel like I had some control over the situation more than anything else. “Not planning on it.”

5. And last but not least here is a scene in the wake of the aftermath that followed a kiss between Devlin and Kiara. This is again, interaction between Reese and Kiara:

“Really, it was nothing, Reese. A simple kiss that shouldn’t have happened.”

She scoffed. “There is nothing simple about a kiss between the Cinniúint. Besides, I have never known Kiara Morrigan to sit and sulk over a simple kiss.”

“What would you like me to say? That he set my insides on fire? That every inch of me wanted more? That when he pulled back from me and apologized, a feeling of rejection washed over me? Not good enough? Even though I knew that it shouldn’t have happened in the first place? And don’t use the word Cinniúint when you refer to him.”

“Oh for the love of god and goddess! You two need a serious counseling session. Too bad I don’t know a good shrink. They would have a field day with the fucked up views on relationships you two seem to have.”

“Quite a morale booster there, Reese.”

“I just don’t understand how two people can be so obviously attracted to one another and fight it at every turn.”


So there you have it. Five little tidbits. No they are not the only bits I love in this book. They are five of my favorites, but truly there are so many parts I loved, it was difficult to come up with even this small selection.Have a great Friday everyone. Sláinte!

FF ~ All About Fridays

I was looking at my blog, specifically the Friday Five posts, and realized that I have never covered my favorite thing about Fridays. How can you have a Friday Five segment without covering the very thing that makes Fridays so bloody fantastic. So here we go!

1. Um it’s Friday. The end of the week. The start of the weekend. Need I say more?

2. BBQs – There is nothing I enjoy more than hanging out with friends and indulging in a good meal

3. Except maybe… Guinness! Ah I live for my first Guinness of the weekend. (It tastes better than any Guinness I’ve had during the week. I can’t explain it people. It might have something to do with the time space continuum.)

4. Sleeping in! Okay I don’t really sleep in. I’m one of those sick and twisted people who still wakes up around six in the morning even on Saturdays. It’s pathetic. Occasionally I might sleep in until eight though.

5. Plenty of time to write, hang with the lil zombies, read, or well… just do whatever the hell I want (within reason of course)

What are your favorite things about Fridays? Do tell. I will read… after the Guinness of course. Sláinte!


Friday Five~ My All Time Favorite Disney Villains

Yes! I have to do this. Currently, a couple of friends of mine and even my sister happen to be in Disneyland. I’m jealous. One hundred percent green with envy. So of course I immediately started thinking about all the Disney movies I’ve watched over the years and what wonderful villains they had. I know the Princesses reign supreme  in the hearts of many, however the Princesses wouldn’t be where they are now if it weren’t for characters like those on my top five…

1. The Queen of Hearts(AKA: The Red Queen) ~Say what you like about her… and likely it will be a retort of ‘Off with your head’.

2. Maleficent ~ Pure evil and all powerful sorceress, need I say more?

3. Hades ~ Come on now, how can one have a list of villains and not include the Greek God of the Underworld? Well maybe you can, but I can’t.

4. Chernabog ~ You catch a glimpse of this villain in Fantasia, but he is also a key player in the Kingdom Keepers series. A list without a demon isn’t much of a list at all now is it?

5. Ursula ~ The Sea Witch is quite an adversary. Who would want to go up against a witch with eight arms? Even worse…tentacles. *Shiver*

There are many amazing villains in the Disney franchise, and trust me when I say narrowing it down to five was a wee bit difficult, however, these are some of the tried and true that have been around for a while and I find they rank quite high on the mean scale. Besides, this is my list. Who were some of your favorite Disney villains?

Friday Five ~ Things I’m Dying to Try

You know how some people have a bucket list? Others have a wish list or a ‘things to do someday’ list? I never really thought I fell into that category. Maybe because the ‘non-list’ is in my head and broken up into categories and in some circumstances…subcategories. So as I realized I do in fact have a list, of sorts, I figured I’d share. So here goes:

1. Shoot a variety of different guns to get a feel for them. I am a firm believer that you can research and interview people to get an idea of how something works, but in essence, you really can’t describe what it feels like until you experience it yourself. Having a father who appreciates and respects guns, I know he will be behind me on this adventure.

2. This kind of feeds into the first one… I’d like to shoot a bow and arrow. Oooh and a crossbow while I’m at it. Luckily, we have a shooting park here where I may be able to do just that (along with indulging in the first item on my list).

3. Ride in a race car. I’m not gutsy enough to want to get behind the wheel. Having control of that much horsepower and a license to drive fast could be dangerous. Or I could chicken out. Of course, riding in the race car is still a big step for me because I get nervous when my sister drives. Again, in luck. Richard Petty Driving Experience here at the local racetrack.

4. Ride a horse. I was lucky enough to ride a horse once in my life. I was young. The horse didn’t listen to me and I wasn’t smarter than the horse. Haven’t been on one since. I know some friends that might be able to make this happen for me, though it would require some travel on my part. What? An excuse to travel and take something off the list?  A win-win scenario in my book.

5. Learn martial arts. Totally do-able I know, but where to fit it into my already crowded schedule? I think it is safe to say, this can be achieved if I can just work out the details and the schedule.

So there you have it. A short list of some things I’d like to do in my lifetime. What is on your short list? Anyone learning to fly?

Friday Five ~ Movies

I love movies. Unfortunately, I don’t get to go to the theater often to see them. However there are some that make my list for what I’m looking forward to seeing.

1. The Raven~ This is definitely at the top my list for many reasons. For one I love Poe, second John Cusak has always been among my favorite actors.

2. Resident Evil 5 Retribution~ Another list topper because Alice is a serious zombie slaying, butt kicking chick! I love strong female leads and the Resident Evil series is one of my favorites. (Yes I own all the previous on DVD and will likely have a marathon before going to see this in the theaters)

3. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter~ Never read the book. Want too and now I want to see the movie. Vampire killing president? All over that one.

4. The Avengers~ Yes, I’m a mom of boys, but that is not the only reason I want to see this movie. I love a movie filled with super heroes. Hell I love a movie filled with explosions. So there you have it.

5. Snow White and the Huntsman ~ Okay, I’m not a fan of Kristen Stewart and perhaps that is the fault of Twilight. However, this movie seriously looks kick ass. And Charlize as the queen? Awesome.

There you have it. That is my Friday Five. What are you looking forward to seeing? Something that is not on my list? Do tell…

Friday Five ~ Random Gaelic Sayings

Today I was trying to look up something. Came across a saying that was appropriate at the time. How accurate they are, I cannot say. I am not a master of the Gaelic language no matter how infatuated I am with it. So, here are the sayings.

1. Is binn béal ina thost – ‘Silence is golden’ or ‘It’s sweet, a mouth in its silence’ (I found this most fitting when the office roar of the office was suddenly a light murmur. Not quite silence, but as close as I could hope for with the hundreds of people on the floor)

2. Is minic a gheibhean beal oscailt diog dunta! – ‘An open mouth often catches a closed fist’

3. Is é buille an phinn an buille is fealltaí. – ‘The pen’s blow is the most treacherous.’ (The pen is mightier than the sword.)

4. Is minic cuma aingeal ar an Diabhal féin. – There’s often the look of an angel on the devil himself.’

5. An té nach bhfuil láidir, ní foláir dó bheith glic.-  ‘He who is not strong must be clever.’

There you have it. My five random Gaelic sayings. Now if only I could speak the language I would be in heaven. It is a very fascinating language. Enjoy your Friday. Sláinte!




FF~ What I Love About the Holidays

This blog is about to get crazy over the next week and a half or so as the Holidays near and some free online short stories are made available to you. And honestly, as this time of year is crazy for many of us, I find it even more so with the Zombie Twins having their birthday so close to Christmas (practically a week before). Anyhow, lets discuss my Friday Five… holiday style!

  1. Christmas Movies! I’m a sucker for Holiday movies, and here are a few must sees in order for the Holiday to be complete: N.L.’s Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story, White Christmas, and Polar Express
  2. The Holidays mean yummy Starbuck’s coffee perfect to feed my addiction! A White Chocolate Peppermint Mocha or Caramel Brulee Latte usually do the trick for me.
  3. Family & Traditions! Need I say more? There is a traditional Christmas Eve Open House that was started when my father was a little boy and he carries on that tradition today. Loads of work, yet oh so worth it.
  4. Holiday Baking. Need I say more? There is nothing like putting together little baskets of homemade treats and giving them out to your friends. It has a way of spreading a little Holiday Cheer!
  5. The excitement the Zombie Twins and all the other children have when the magic of Christmas is in the air. It is infectious even on our worst days.

May you be infected with the joy and magic of the Holidays!

FF~Reasons Today is a Good Day


Today I’m going to share five things I like about today. You ready? Hold on because its going to be quick ‘n dirty. Ah maybe not that dirty.

1. Starbucks – live for Friday Starbucks runs.
2. Closer to California Turkey Day trip.
3. Getting ladybug tattoo in honor of beloved and very missed grandmother.
4. Payday!!!!
5. Writing weekends are the best!

FF~ Easter things

In honor of April and Easter, the girls over at Passionate Critters are lending a helping hand to the long-eared fellow who delivers eggs and random goodies! How are we helping? Well through the fun of an Easter Egg hunt and a small quest no doubt. First though, lets do the Friday Five! (Other Fivers are listed in the sidebar!)

Five things I love about Easter~


1. Easter Baskets

2. The Mall Easter Bunny

3. Colorful Easter Eggs

4. Chocolate Bunnies

5. The Easter Hat

Five things I remember from Easters past. Now go hop on over to the Passionate Critters blog to discover what the girls at PC have in store for you and be prepared for fun. Yours truly is the first up so be prepared for all that is  in store for you this month! The hunt could garner you a new book, some chocolate, a gift certificate, and other goodies. Most of all… loads of fun!

Follow all month long and make sure you enter all the way through to the end for your chance to win a gift certificate! Go check it out! Passionate Critters Easter Egg Hunt goes live today!

FF~ Take Me Away

I have been day dreaming a lot about a vacation, in some exotic destination. Some place that might remind me a little about the beaches I spent some time on as a child. Or just a place that would allow me to have some much needed R&R. You know… the kind of place where your biggest decision was whether to have the cabana boy bring you a drink with or without the umbrella. Here are some places that are on my getaway list.


1. Bora Bora

2. Bali

3. Fiji

4. Maldives

5. Boracay Island

There you have it, five beach destinations that yours truly is looking forward to vacationing too at some point in her life. Do you have any must visit beaches on your list?

Go see what my fellow Friday Five partners in crime have on their lists.

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