Getting My Flirt On!

Come tumbling down the rabbit hole with me as we delve into my first installment of Friday Flirts! My flirts will vary. Sometimes I will be ‘flirting’ with little tidbits about an author (think of it as a speed date with an author) or even interviews, and other days, I will turn the floor over to my fellow authors to flirt with my readers. Today, I am going to flirt with Denise A Agnew and PG Forte! Why? Well why the hell not?! My blog, my prerogative.

Hot PursuitFirst up in my Flirt Hot Seat…Denise A Agnew ~ She is a red-headed vixen who has penned over thirty five novels and counting! Genres she writes in? Romantic suspense, erotic, historical, fantasy, contemporary and paranormal romance – wait is there a genre she hasn’t written in? Perhaps that would have been easier to address.  As an author, I love to read. It kind of comes with the territory. A few fun facts about Denise that you may or may not know are that she is a paranormal investigator (watch out all you ghosts because Denise is on the prowl), she likes archery, and archaeology.

I recently read Hot Pursuit which is one of the aforementioned thirty-five and counting novels, and the one thing that I really loved about her writing was the character building. Some characters pull you in, some leave you feeling lukewarm, and others you plain can’t connect with. Lucy and Vic definitely were characters that pulled me and left me feeling for them. It was my first introduction to her writing and with a story that deals with a hot military man and a jaded woman looking for a one night stand…what more could you possibly want?

Second (but surely not least)… PG Forte! This hot California blonde might be a Jersey Girl by birth, but we won’t hold that against her. Since she was penning scandalous and sexy stories while attending an all girls Catholic High School, you can imagine the type of trouble this woman is likely to stir up in her novels. She has written over twenty novels and counting (watch out Denise, she is hot on your tail). Her genre preferences for her stories are romantic suspense, psychic fiction, erotic romance and paranormal. Whew, it’s getting very hot in here. Fun facts about PG? She likes to hold the whip. Get your minds out of the gutter. I totally meant for writing challenges (of course we might see if we can’t get in touch with Mr. Forte to be sure).

Currently, I am reading one of PG’s books – Old Sins, Long Shadows. As usual, I selected a book that is part of a series having not read any of the other books first. Thankfully, due to the writing quality of the book, I do not feel lost and am enjoying the poor tortured (and I do mean TORTURED) souls that are struggling to find their happy moments. I can not wait to share with you my thoughts on this lovely read when all is said and done.

There you have it. If you haven’t had the pleasure of indulging in a reading date with Denise A Agnew or PG Forte, might I suggest that you pick up one of their books and schedule that date for this weekend? Just click on the book cover to be whisked off to Amazon. You never know, you just might find yourself dating them quite frequently!