Kissin’ in the Tail Lights

Monday has rolled around once again. Yep. Like a bad penny, it just keeps turning up. Control the things we can and let go of the things we can’t. That’s what my mom always says. So I’m controlling Monday the only way I know how…musically (and for all my non country loving fans, I promise we will be getting back to something a little harder in the near future, but for now, we need to keep it country). New discovery for me folks! Shane Lee. Hope you enjoy and don’t be afraid to go doin’ a little of your own Kissin’ in the Tail Lights. :) P.S. look at that little countdown time over there…who’s getting excited?

All of My Tomorows

Hey everyone! Sorry for my absence here lately. Had some family issues and an impromptu trip to California, which was long over due even if it wasn’t under the best circumstances. Good news is, it’s Monday. You know what that means? Music! I’m working on Justin Trent’s story and not long ago, I bought Colt Ford’s album. It’s not typically my style, but I find myself discovering new songs that really grab me. This was one of them. No official video, but you get to hear the music that is Justin through and through.

Enjoy your Monday everyone!

Cowboys and Angels

I have a confession to make. I’m a YouTube surfer. I get out on there and click videos until my eyes can hardly stay open (Now you know why some days there are no words added to an MS). Now I have a pretty varied collection when it comes to music, but I proudly admit that I am a country girl at heart. Blame it on being born in Texas, blame my parents, blame Garth, Tim, and Kenny. So you guessed it. Another country music post. I came across this one and I just had to pull it for a Music post! What a great song!

2013 In Review

Yes, it is that time again to look back on the year and see how I did against my goals and plan for the new year. This has been a year full of challenges and some serious soul searching with my work and the direction I wanted to take with my writing career. I’ve allowed other things keep me from doing what I love in the past and this year I really struggled to find that work/writing/life balance. Have I figured out the magical potion to make that all happen? Unfortunately, I must answer no. However, I do know that I managed to accomplish a few things that are nothing short of wonderful in my writing career.

  • Published Frost as a holiday novella after expanding it from a short 1500 word story.
  • Finished the first book of the McGregors series and have a contract with Astraea Press.
  • Just finished (literally) the first book in my Saints and Sinners series, A Soul to Keep. This will be heading out to the publisher this evening.
  • Have request for submission for Bewitching Ways which was pitched to Astraea Press during a pitch contest. Very thrilled to potentially have a home for it.

When I look at my short list, I can’t help but feel pleased at what I’ve accomplished this year. It feels like I’m on track. Heading somewhere with this dream. To keep it moving forward, I have to set new goals. Plan for the new year. So what am I looking at for 2014?

  • Finish Bewitching Ways
  • Write the second Moonlight Series book (yes, I realize it is long overdue).
  • Write the second McGregor book. Ian’s story is up next!
  • Write second holiday novella for the Holly Chronicles for release by end of year.

Yes, there are only writing goals on this list. I have specific stories I would like to see completed by end of 2014. If I can achieve more…fantastic. However, as a writer, if I’m not writing then who am I? These are the goals that will help push me forward (well the goals along with the readers and critique partners). What do you have planned to accomplish in the new year?

For Two Women Who Amaze Me~

Mother’s day has passed and yet I still feel the need to make my tribute to the two women who inspire me every day and make me strive to be a better mother, sister, daughter, aunt, and friend. To my mom and my sister, thank you for always being there for me and teaching me a little bit more about myself every day.

Thank you for the wonderful day we had yesterday, every day leading up to it, and every day we will have after.

Who Stole My Swing?

arboles, beautiful, broken, broken swing, color, fun


You know, the one that was a little weathered and beaten down, but helped me stay in the ‘swing’ of things? It kept me tethered to the place where reality and fantasy collide. The one place I could escape into the worlds where my stories took shape. I desperately need it back.

There is a favor I must ask if the swing happens to be in your possession. Please do not repair it. The state it was in at the time of it’s disappearance is the state I would like it returned in. The rope is a little rough against the palms of my hands, and the seat will leave a splinter in your arse if you slide too quickly from it. It is falling apart and not worth much, but in my eyes, it was the most perfect swing I could ever ask for. If you see it, please be kind and return it, so I may fall back into the swing of things.

I would post a reward for the safe return of my swing, but alas, you know the old saying about starving artists….



Living Pink Raspberry Mojito

Yes I’m pinked out! October is breast cancer awareness month and it seems as though we all know someone who has been touched by this disease. I have many friends who are either currently fighting or who’ve fought the battle and are living pink! Everyone celebrates and shows their support in their own way. My girls and I do it through food and of course….drink (you expect nothing less from someone with Scots-Irish in her blood). So in honor of all the women out there, fighters and survivors alike, I raise this glass to you!


2 oz rum
.5 oz Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur
6-8 fresh mint leaves
2 lime wedges
1/2 tsp sugar
club soda

Add sugar, mint leaves, lime wedges and a splash of club soda to a tall glass. Muddle until sugar is dissolved. Add ice to glass. Add rum and Chambord. Stir to mix. Top with a splash of soda.

Remember to always celebrate life, to remember those who’ve gone before us, and support and offer strength to one another…and most of all, remember to LIVE PINK AND ALWAYS FIGHT LIKE A GIRL!  Slàinte!

Please stop on in and see some of my fellow authors and their fantastic and delectable pink recipes!

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A Nod to the Masters~

There is just something about the works of the past. Greats like Edgar Allan Poe, William Blake, Oscar Wilde, along with countless others. Their words draw you in, painting pictures that leave a lasting impression. For this Monday, since my brain is tired and I’m steeped in research, I thought I would share a few of my favorite lines from those who came before us.

Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before. ~ The Raven, Edgar Allan Poe

Cruelty has a human heart, And Jealousy a human face;
Terror the human form divine, And Secrecy the human dress. ~A Divine Image, William Blake 

Ambition, love and all the thoughts that burn, We lose too soon, and only find delight, In withered husks of some dead memory. ~Desespoir, Oscar Wilde

Most of the themes of the past seemed steeped in darkness. Morbid…I think that was the word one of my friends used when I was discussing some of the above quotes. I guess I can see where one would see that as a commonality between them. Still, the words paint a picture. There is a poetic beauty to them regardless of their tone that really appeals to me. So tell me, who are some of your favorites from the past and are there any particular lines that really stick out to you?

Idols and Inspirations

We all have them. The people we admire and look up to. Our heroes and heroines that drive us to move forward, pursue our dreams, and reach beyond where we ever imagined was possible. I have several authors that inspire me every day. And I thought I would share some random quotes from a few of them this fine Monday morning, to inspire me and remind me why I write the way I do and what I do.

At its best reading is a connection between the author and reader … between people, but in romance we get to see that human connection played out on the page.~ Vicki Pettersson


Vicki Pettersson was a fairly new discovery for me when I first started writing seriously in 2009. I often wonder how I hadn’t discovered her a few years earlier when her first book was released. I love her tortured characters, the depth of her writing, and her personality. If you ever get a chance to sit in on a chat or go to a signing, I would highly suggest you do!

Like anything else that happens on its own, the act of writing is beyond currency. Money is great stuff to have, but when it comes to the act of creation, the best thing is not to think of money too much. It constipates the whole process. ~ Stephen King


How can one think of writing and not think of a man who has really stood out in his field. One thing about Stephen King that draws me in are his descriptions. He paints such a vivid picture. It’s really hard to envision his world any differently than he does as a result. I admire that.

I always treated writing as a profession, never as a hobby. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will. ~ Laurell K Hamilton


The first book I ever picked up of Laurell K Hamilton’s made me fall in love with her. She writes what she wants and she does it well. She writes for the story and for herself. She has not always pleased her readers. But she’s stayed true to her characters. I think that is admirable in any writer. It’s hard not to be tempted by outside forces. To take your story where the rest of the world thinks you should take it. In the end you just have to believe that you are being true to yourself, your characters, and the overall story.

I could go on about the authors that drive me every day. Nora Roberts, Janet Evanovich, Kelly Armstrong, Jeaniene Frost, Sherrilyn Kenyon…need I continue? Every author I enjoy brings something to the table when I need a little inspiration. When I need an idol to look up to, honor, or worship, they are just a book (a tweet, facebook post, or blog spot) away.

Tell me, who are some of the authors that inspire you? Or perhaps a quote that pushes you forward? Think about it and have a great Monday!


Monday Morning Blues

Mondays come a lot faster than they used to. Or perhaps my weekends are flying by at an accelerated rate now that I’m older and have those dreadful things called ‘responsibilities’. I don’t truly find Mondays to be a cause of the blues. It’s not Mondays fault after all. It’s ours. We try to cram everything that we should be doing all week long into two days. Those two days are spent doing ‘catch up’ instead of relaxing. At times, we can find our off days to be more stressful than our work days. I know I find this to be true. Then this morning I read a post by my dear crit partner, Debora Dennis, about routines. It got me to thinking.


I know thinking, on a Monday too! Seriously though, maybe Mondays wouldn’t be so loathed by the masses if things weren’t put off until the weekend. What if we did the laundry every other evening while watching our favorite show? Or perhaps we sat down and read with our children while they were doing their assigned reading time for school, if you go to college like I do…then do your homework while the kids are doing theirs and you have dinner cooking, or as Debora suggests- utilize that morning coffee routine to get some things done. For me it’s not so much a thing of routine, but of time management and procrastination.

I can change these things. So can you. Then perhaps we won’t loathe Mondays anymore. Perhaps when the weekends roll around we will actually have a chance to sit back and enjoy them. Then when Monday’s come, we can bound out of bed with joy and perhaps even look forward to facing the day instead of dwelling on what we could have gotten done over the weekend if we just had one more day…

Now go out and celebrate the start of a new week. A chance to show your world who the boss is and that you are taking no prisoners! Go forth and enjoy the day and make it what you want it to be!