Monday Morning Blues

Mondays come a lot faster than they used to. Or perhaps my weekends are flying by at an accelerated rate now that I’m older and have those dreadful things called ‘responsibilities’. I don’t truly find Mondays to be a cause of the blues. It’s not Mondays fault after all. It’s ours. We try to cram everything that we should be doing all week long into two days. Those two days are spent doing ‘catch up’ instead of relaxing. At times, we can find our off days to be more stressful than our work days. I know I find this to be true. Then this morning I read a post by my dear crit partner, Debora Dennis, about routines. It got me to thinking.


I know thinking, on a Monday too! Seriously though, maybe Mondays wouldn’t be so loathed by the masses if things weren’t put off until the weekend. What if we did the laundry every other evening while watching our favorite show? Or perhaps we sat down and read with our children while they were doing their assigned reading time for school, if you go to college like I do…then do your homework while the kids are doing theirs and you have dinner cooking, or as Debora suggests- utilize that morning coffee routine to get some things done. For me it’s not so much a thing of routine, but of time management and procrastination.

I can change these things. So can you. Then perhaps we won’t loathe Mondays anymore. Perhaps when the weekends roll around we will actually have a chance to sit back and enjoy them. Then when Monday’s come, we can bound out of bed with joy and perhaps even look forward to facing the day instead of dwelling on what we could have gotten done over the weekend if we just had one more day…

Now go out and celebrate the start of a new week. A chance to show your world who the boss is and that you are taking no prisoners! Go forth and enjoy the day and make it what you want it to be!


It’s Thrusday Already?!

How did that happen? Where did the week go? And more importantly…who ate my homework?! Kidding. Seriously though this week has flown by. Been reading about Egyptian and Mesopotamian Creation stories for class. That has been interesting. Been writing a LOT (except for last night when I took the night off for homework). Following the Rangers games with the lil zombies and enjoying their commentary on the game. And overall just plain busy as usual. So what am I doing here right?  I needed a music break…so here’s a little fun to kick off the downhill slide into the weekend.

Have a great Thirsty Thursday peeps!

Ah Reading!

Between the Kindle, the Nook, and my bookcases, there is no shortage for reading material around my house. However, it seems as though I’ve read very little over the last year. In fact, I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I’ve only read about two and a half books in the last twelve months that I know of. And one of them was required for my English class.

So the lovely Bethanne Strasser and I were discussing this reading drought we both seem to be painfully suffering at the moment. We decided to each choose a book and we would both read them. It seems like such a small thing. Make a commitment to read. It is fuel for the muse, not to mention that it often offers us an opportunity to escape and recharge.

I’ve chosen the first book, and so far it’s off to a great start. The cover is fantastic, and the story is intriguing right from the get go. My enthusiasm for this book will hopefully last throughout the end of the book. Is your interest piqued? Fine, I will share.

 New author, new book, and lots of reading to do when I’m taking a break from writing or winding down at the end of the evening. My summer of reading is going to start early. I miss reading. Lets see if I can increase my overall reading total beyond ten by the end of the summer shall we? An aggressive goal? Perhaps it is with all that is on my plate, but even if I don’t reach it, the fun is in the journey isn’t it?

If You’ve Got Goals….Flaunt ‘em

And boy do I have goals. Loads of them. They might take an entire day to list out. (I might be over exaggerating here, but run with it). I have long-term dreams that I hope to achieve and short-term ones. Usually I don’t have the patience to see them through, but they are still there, nibbling at my brain like little goal zombies. I decided to share them. So here goes…

  1. Be a bestselling author. (I see this can be short or long-term depending on how well my stories are received, whether I am putting out a quality story, and if I’m being productive enough to keep the stories coming)
  2. Do something silly everyday. (Definitely short-term. Remember when you were a kid and you would laugh about nothing at all? Or you would dance around the house in your underwear like you were Madonna or Tom Cruise in Risky Business sliding across the floor? That kind of silliness, I think keeps the stresses of the world from consuming us whole)
  3. See my Moonlight Trilogy come to fruition. (To be honest, I have to say long-term on this one, but it is definitely an in progress goal. First book is gearing up for release. Second book has been started, and the idea for the third is in the back of my mind)
  4. Be more active in causes. (In progress and can be achieved short-term, but should be long-term as well. One way or another we should show support for the things we believe in. Either through participating in a walk or sleep in, or donating our time. I’m kicking this off with the Komen Race for the Cure, only in my case I’m Sleeping in for the Cure – hey I’m a mom who is typically an early riser and so are the zombie twins)
  5. Try to be a better blogger. (Short and long-term. Ah yes…this one has been an ongoing struggle and you’ve watched me. You’ve endured the pain and suffering. I hope to ease that. But I want to blog to blog, not out of obligation or because I have a ‘theme’ day schedule that must be adhered to. My space…my rules right? Right! Therefore, you never know what I may blog about. I do love interviews though. I surely will do more of those)
  6. Enjoy everyday. (No one is promised a forever and happily ever after is what you make of make it good. I’m going to say this is another that falls into both short and long-term)

Actually, as I review this list which only scratches the surface of what I aim to achieve in life, there are many goals that can easily fall into both short-term and long-term. I say this because some can be achieved on a short-term, but should be ongoing. Goals that might need to be revisited to gauge your progress or to take stock of where you may be falling short. The thing is to have the goals to begin with and make yourself accountable to them. I’m off to start mine…what are some of your goals?

Feeding the Writer

No this isn’t a post about food. Though I could definitely do that. Today though, I decided to talk about the one thing that I’ve slacked on lately. Feeding the writer is a bit of a necessity. Why and how are likely questions you have at this juncture. Well my own opinion on the matter is simple. To breed creative works, you must view the world differently. You must view it through the ‘what if’ glasses to take a simple thing and let it blossom into something great.

The avenues I choose to take when feeding my writing soul are by no means a one size fits all approach. However, there are three distinct things I turn to for creative fuel.

Reading ~ when I delve into a book, be it an awesome NYT Bestseller that I can’t put down or a crappy book no one’s ever heard of, there is inspiration and knowledge to be gleaned from those glorious pages. From the character development to the plot, you can learn a lot about what works (or doesn’t) for a particular story. Even better, a book can light a fire under my arse if I’ve been slacking on getting my words on paper.

Movies & Television ~ Stories acted out for a viewer can be a great source of creative fodder. Everything is visual. So depending on what your eye is attracted to, you can see what works or doesn’t work in a story. Sometimes, the characters might not stand out to you as ‘the evil doer’ because of the way the screen/script writer drafted the character. They make the character blend. On the other hand, you have characters that are so in your face that you can’t forget them even if you tried. Settings are another big thing. When you read a book, everything is left to your imagination. If the author did a good job, then your mind can recreate the scene effortlessly. Television and movies leave little to the imagination in that arena, but from an author’s perspective, you can pick apart the setting and try to describe the pieces that really set the scene.

Life ~ Nothing sparks the ‘what if’ game more to me than life itself. For example, let’s say you were on a road trip. Everyone else in the car is sleeping. You’re tired. So you start playing the game to entertain yourself. Here you are, driving down the road, late at night, a long drive. Darkness surrounding you. Two jails set back from the highway. A sign that states hitchhiking prohibited. Tell me that doesn’t just set the minds wheels into motion. Go on I dare you.

It’s always easy to blame the ‘muse’ when it seems the creative well has run dry. Honestly though, she can only work with what we give her. So if I’m not feeding my creative self, then she’s got zilch to go on. There’s only one way to keep her working for me and not against me. I’ve got to feed her with more than just Guinness (though that definitely doesn’t hurt). So tell me what are your tricks to feeding your creative self, or share what book or movie really stood out to you because the story was well told. Better yet, what are you reading now? Me? I’m reading Sacre Bleu by Christopher Moore and so far, enjoying it. Sláinte!

The Nightmare Before Christmas Poem

I have loved The Nightmare Before Christmas since it came out. Tim Burton is a genius, if not a wee bit odd. I think it is truly part of his brilliant artistic vision. This is the first year my kids are old enough to even show interest in watching it. So I’m super excited. I found this online and just had to share. It’s a little long, but of course if I didn’t think it was worth it I wouldn’t share. Plus I found it fitting since I’ve entered the poetry section of my English class. Not my favorite section, but this and Edgar Allan Poe might sway me yet.

Got Music?

It’s been said before, I’ve got a huge thing for music that triggers my imagination to run wild, beats that send my characters into a frenzy, and lyrics that just give voice to emotions. Songs that stick with me and just brighten my day when they come on. Here is the most recent song to be added to that list.

Some Men Are Like Fine Wine

And Jon Bon Jovi  fits that for me. He’s one of those… gets better with age kind of guys. Sure back in the big hair band days of the eighties he was still nice to look at, but come on! Just look at this and tell me you aren’t drooling.

Yeah. Nice eye candy after all these years. Oh and yet another hottie post for my darling T! Why? Because we are revving up for JBJ making his Vegas appearance in a couple of weeks. That is going to be a great night! Now, off to have coffee and start my day. Then home to get busy on increasing that word count. I hear you back there. You in the back. Which story? Which story? Taunting me with the unspoken challenge in your words all while I am mid drool here. Truth be told I have a few ideas that are marinating right now.  Zombie slayer story? Perhaps. Second book in my Moonlight trilogy? Could be. Vampire story? Don’t know. Justin’s story to follow up Buckling Down? Possibly, though I will tell you that Justin is being quite stubborn at the moment and has been tied up in the corner until he can play nice. I guess if you really want to know, you’ll have to hunt me down. Have a great Wednesday!

MM~ Keep In Mind

Today’s musical post is brought to you courtesy of the LoCash Cowboys and Molly McLain. She heard this on the radio on Sunday and immediately told me about it and how it made her think of my current work in progress. In her words, “…it started playing and immediately Justin and Cheyenne popped in my head.” God love her because it works. Hope it inspires you.