Some Men Are Like Fine Wine

And Jon Bon Jovi  fits that for me. He’s one of those… gets better with age kind of guys. Sure back in the big hair band days of the eighties he was still nice to look at, but come on! Just look at this and tell me you aren’t drooling.

Yeah. Nice eye candy after all these years. Oh and yet another hottie post for my darling T! Why? Because we are revving up for JBJ making his Vegas appearance in a couple of weeks. That is going to be a great night! Now, off to have coffee and start my day. Then home to get busy on increasing that word count. I hear you back there. You in the back. Which story? Which story? Taunting me with the unspoken challenge in your words all while I am mid drool here. Truth be told I have a few ideas that are marinating right now.  Zombie slayer story? Perhaps. Second book in my Moonlight trilogy? Could be. Vampire story? Don’t know. Justin’s story to follow up Buckling Down? Possibly, though I will tell you that Justin is being quite stubborn at the moment and has been tied up in the corner until he can play nice. I guess if you really want to know, you’ll have to hunt me down. Have a great Wednesday!

FF~Girl Rules 101

Yes I feel the need to share Moira’s girl rules. They may seem basic, but here they are none the less.

1. New Heels are totally fab but should only be decorating your stems when the time wearing them will be limited. What good are those to die for shoes if they are hiding under the desk or if you are walking like the Bride of Frankenstein in them? So not cute! Screams look at me in all the wrong ways.

2. Having to take more than one shower in a day is nothing to whine or cry about. Well unless you are covered in mud and your latest haute de couture creation is reeking, wrecked, and/or ruined! Then I might be brought to tears just by hearing the tale!

3. Make-up and Hair is a must! You should always do these two things before leaving the house.

Um...I'm sorry what was the rule about the guy in 2C?

For you. Not so the guy in 2C will notice you. It makes you feel good about yourself that’s why. Okay for you and for the guy in 2C, but please do it for you first!

4. Never put yourself in a position to be called a tramp. One exception to this rule would be that you were sacrificing your own pristine reputation for world peace, but that is an extreme example and you must be REALLY good at what you do to solve a centuries old problem like World Peace.

5. Girlfriends are hard to come by. If you have even one that you can relate to, treasure that friendship more than a Tiffany’s bracelet. Trust me. This is coming from a girl who LOVES Tiffany’s.

That’s it. My Friday Five. Dedicated to the wonderful Sally, her new shoes, and the email which inspired this post. ;)

Now run along and see what my fellow Passionate Critters have on their Friday Five lists.

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