Some Men Are Like Fine Wine

And Jon Bon Jovi  fits that for me. He’s one of those… gets better with age kind of guys. Sure back in the big hair band days of the eighties he was still nice to look at, but come on! Just look at this and tell me you aren’t drooling.

Yeah. Nice eye candy after all these years. Oh and yet another hottie post for my darling T! Why? Because we are revving up for JBJ making his Vegas appearance in a couple of weeks. That is going to be a great night! Now, off to have coffee and start my day. Then home to get busy on increasing that word count. I hear you back there. You in the back. Which story? Which story? Taunting me with the unspoken challenge in your words all while I am mid drool here. Truth be told I have a few ideas that are marinating right now.  Zombie slayer story? Perhaps. Second book in my Moonlight trilogy? Could be. Vampire story? Don’t know. Justin’s story to follow up Buckling Down? Possibly, though I will tell you that Justin is being quite stubborn at the moment and has been tied up in the corner until he can play nice. I guess if you really want to know, you’ll have to hunt me down. Have a great Wednesday!


It is a short and sweet post like always folks. Today is dedicated to Thor. Okay really it is dedicated to Chris Hemsworth. He is quite yummy and very easy on the eyes.

Okay, perhaps the whole Thor getup isn’t really your thing. I mean I wouldn’t kick the man out of bed for wearing the costume, but I would prefer him to look more like this…

Sigh. Okay time for me to get back to work.

Wednesday Wishes~

Believe it or not I really drew a blank today when it came to putting up a little hotness. Then I thought what about wishes? I mean sure there’s the whole, “I wish I had an agent’ thing, but that will come in time. This wish was on a more basic, cellular level. Something so ingrained into most women’s psyche that all they have to do is see that signature Blue box and bow and their hearts swoon. It is hotness on a totally different level. You know the little blue box of which I speak ladies. Don’t be bashful. Shout it right out.

I’ve made myself a promise. When I land myself an agent, I am going to join this little girl with a box or two of my own. And I’ve had my heart set on this piece for awhile.

And I wouldn’t mind it being delivered by someone who looks like him…

Look at that! I found my hotness after all. Just needed to think Tiffany’s and who I would like to deliver the blue box and whoot… there it is! Happy Wednesday!

Nerds Need Love Too~


Sorry for being M.I.A. last week, but killer headaches and my unusually cranky wonder twins often drain creative thinking. Hopefully, that is in the past and we can move forward. Still editing away, turtles pace at the moment, but progress is progress. Will do a Friday update before I lock myself up for the weekend to plow through what is left.

That being said…let’s take a moment to drool over this hunk of nerdiness. T.J. Thyne who plays the oh so adorable Hodgins on Bones…


Well actually it is Michael C. Hall. I have recently developed love affair with the show Dexter, and lets face it, the show wouldn’t be the same with out dear ol’ Dex. There is just a little something about him that makes him worthy of a Wednesday Hottie spot, if for no other reason than the simple little fact that he has entertained me for the last month. (Thank god for Netflix.)

Hello Kellan~

Now there are a lot of Robert Pattinson fans out there, but I also think that there are other scrumptious men in the Twilight Saga. Such as today’s hottie who also happens to be a Calvin Klein model…Kellan Lutz. If nothing else… the eyes get me.

(Yes that is blood…he does play a vampire after all. ;) )

Now this next one…. I saved for last and I think you can see why.

Summer Hottie~

With Vegas gearing up to break the 100’s this weekend and not a beach in sight, well I had to dig up the next best thing. Nothing like a hot surfer to do the trick. Ladies, I give you Kelly Slater. Enjoy, but don’t make my blog all soggy please. ;)

Oh Leighton~

I do think I have found my next hero ladies. He is definitely putting the HOT in Humpday Hottie Day…even Playgirl agrees. And to make up for my failing to bring you mancandy last week… well Leighton Stultz gets a double photo spread. Any guesses as to what I may have slated for this hunka hunka burnin’ love? ;)

But wait, there’s more….

And I could give you more… but I am saving some of the um…..better ones for myself. I am greedy like that. happy Wednesday everyone!

A Little Something For the Boys~

You know… Wednesdays has become Humpday Hottie day around here and I, as you all know, am quite fond of the assortment of good looking men walking around on God’s green Earth. However, in recent discussion with my cousin it was pointed out that I neglect the men. He has a point. So, not that a lot of men frequent my blog, but if they should happen upon it by chance, they should have some representation don’t you think? And for the ladies, think of it this way…whether you are a reader or a writer, she could very well represent the next heroine in whichever tale you tend to lay your little hands on. ;)

Without further procrastination on my part, I give you the loverly Michelle Rodriguez!

Droolworthy Hero


Okay, time for another installment of HDH. This week I have been thinking a lot about heroes and what we find appealing in them. For the most part we know it goes deeper than looks. So many characters in movies are worthy of their hero status but today’s HDH takes the cake on many levels. Whether he is a downright hot Wolverine, a period character swept into present times, or…well hell I just like him and his acting. So when you are done drooling, tell me some of your fav heroes.