Mid-Week Meltdown?!

You ever have those mornings where you wake up and think…there is something that I need to do – or that I forgot! I’m having one of those moments now. School? Nope. I checked the website, class is up and available a week ahead of schedule. Promo spot? Nope. Have interviews still to respond to and a few other things in the works, but nothing due this morning that I know of and I’ve scoured my email to be sure. Lil zombies? Did I leave them somewhere? Ah no, they are sleeping safe and sound in their beds. Fall asleep with the stove on? Forget to pay a bill? Nope and double nope.

I ran through everything I could possibly think of and I still have this nagging feeling that I am missing something. Guess I will have to let it go and put this obsessive focus on more productive pursuits like writing. Yes I did do that last night. Between plotting and writing I added a few words to my contemp western. Big goals for that to be finished soon. Thanks P.G. for the 1k in 1 hour marathon. Are you ready to go again tonight? We both have deadlines/goals that we need to meet. That is the beauty of connecting with authors. When you need a push, there are usually a handful out there willing to stand behind you and shove. I have quite a few I can rely on at any given time. Maybe they will help me remember what I’m having my mid-week meltdown over? Well, for what its worth, have a great Wednesday!

Just Another Manic Monday

And now that I’ve…

a) Shown my age

b) gotten a Bangles song stuck in your head

My job is complete. Have a great Monday. Okay seriously, I loathe Mondays. It is entirely possible that I’ve mentioned that before. Mondays mark the end of the weekend, the beginning of a week, shorter periods of available writing time, hell…shorter periods of time to do anything other than work, sleep, and maybe squeeze an hour or two in with the lil zombies before they have to go to bed and we can start the craziness all over again on Tuesday. Has anyone ever had anything good to say about a Monday? Sure I woke up, which inherently makes it a good day, but there has to be something positive about this day that is dreaded by many. Please someone give me something that will make Mondays a day to look forward to. Anyone? Anything? Man it just got awfully quiet around here. Well, don’t give up hope. Together we will think of something that makes Mondays something other than…manic.

Talk to me!

School, Party Planning, Edits, and Self Publishing… Oh My!

Yes that about sums up my life at the moment which is why I’ve been so scarce here on the blog. I’m slowly working my way toward my bachelor’s degree. On top of that I am planning a 40th wedding anniversary celebration for my folks because why should we not celebrate a couple truly living out their happily ever after? Let’s add into the mix that I am in the midst of final round edits on Blood and Moonlight that will be releasing next month. Then I get to tackle the fun, exciting, and nerve wracking task of self publishing. Thankfully, I am not the first to travel down this road and I have a lot of support from a very helpful editor and critique group.

So what’s next? What am I working on? Isn’t that enough? Well hardly. If my hand isn’t in fifty different pots, stirring up the cauldron, or adding unnecessary ingredients, then I’m likely under the weather. On top of all of the above items that are in the mix for the next month, I’ve started working on a contemporary western series, began drafting the second book in the Moonlight series, and have made a good attempt at organizing and planning which books I will write for the next oh…five to ten years? Yes the list is long my lovelys but it is full of goodness, hope, and promise of magic and mayhem waiting to be discovered and put onto paper. Stick with me folks. I have a feeling that the next month or so is going to be a rough but exciting ride!

Bad Girl~

Not in the sense one might think. I’ve been bad about blogging. In my defense, I do have a very good excuse? Don’t I always? Well here it is-

I’ve been working on edits for Blood & Moonlight, getting it ready for release. I’ve also been up to my neck in writing Bewitching Ways and dealing with school. Let us not forget the zombie twins and all that they demand (Hey when the lil zombies call I need to get a runnin’ or risk losing some brain matter and I need all I can get).

Ooh plus I almost forgot to mention that my dear friend Bethanne Strasser is releasing her book, For Love or Duty, in five days! OMG I can hardly wait. She will be stopping by for an interview. And I will be doing a guest spot over on her blog on Tuesday to help her celebrate! So you see, I’ve been busy. I will leave you with a song that I keep listening to lately – Shinedown‘s Bully


Talk to you all soon and have a great Sunday! Stay tuned.

My Write-a-thon Plan

This weekend will be a great weekend. There I’ve put it out there. The weekend has been put on a pedestal. Three days. No work. Kids are busy. Quiet house. A book to finish. This is it.

The goal for Bewitching Ways is a minimum of 30k. Sitting at about 16k and that is unacceptable. I wrote myself into a corner and have been struggling to find my way out. Well that all ends now. I’ve got Ben n Jerry’s Volun-Tiramisu, veggies, the coffee is stocked, the tea-lemonade is stocked, music is at the ready, and homework is complete.

That’s right people. The time has come. It is Moira’s Memorial Day Weekend Write-a-thon. I’m showing this story who the boss is and the characters, muse, and plot better take note. I’m taking no prisoners.

A Celebrational Friday Five ~ Music Style!

Oh for the love of a Friday – a day that kicks off the weekend. Brings cause for celebration, sleeping in, and just plain enjoying life outside of the daily work grind. And this is not just any Friday, but a Friday the 13th no less! I say let’s celebrate. (Mind you, I’m of the opinion that one does not truly need reason to celebrate. Just do it.) I’m kicking off this weekend with a celebration of music! That’s right! Comment for a chance to win a $15 iTunes gift card.

Lets get to my Friday Five shall we?

First on my list… Bad Religion ~ Broken

Second…Social Distortion of course and one of the first songs that introduced me to them and cemented my love of their music.

Third is a newer obsession courtesy of my cousin Bryan F… Streetlight Manifesto ~ Would You be Impressed?

Four is Rancid…well because they are Rancid duh.

And to rap up this Friday Five… NOFX ~ Leave it Alone

There is my Friday Five Folks…name some of your top five and lets get to that iTunes Gift Card!

P.S. The winner of Rebekah Purdy’s Interview Contest for the free copy of Cinderella Complex is Bethanne! Thanks to everyone who commented!

New Direction Take Two

As in life, things are rarely perfect the first go around. Or we tend to change our minds, evolve, and realize that what we need is different than we first imagined. So is the case with my home here on the web. My site just didn’t feel like it fit ‘me’ anymore. Though it was lovely and worked when I first acquired it, what I wanted to project as my web presence changed. Now, thanks to Kim Killion and her very talented staff at Hot Damn Designs, I have this lovely new home that I feel is a better fit for the writer I am. I swear that Kim has a bit of magic fairy dust or possesses a certain fairy godmother gene…because she nailed what I wanted right out of the gate.

Speaking of fairy dust and fairy godmothers, next week I will have some fun things coming your way. One thing I’m willing to divulge is that I will be having the lovely Rebekah Purdy here to help celebrate my new look and her new release The Fairy Godmother Files. Yay! It is a fantastic young adult book that I just can’t wait to share with you! I might just try my hand at a little fairy dust and see what I can whip up for a giveaway or two so definitely come back by!

The Agenda

I swear I have one. For starters let’s talk blog. I’m going to be working hard to bring back some of my favorite features. Things like Music Monday, Temptation Tuesday, and the Friday Five. I’m especially excited about Temptaion Tuesday where I get the priveledge of chatting with my fellow authors and learning more about what they have in store for us. 

Now let’s talk writing. The work in progress pile is looming over me and it is quite large to say the least. I need to narrow it down. Currently, I have someone looking over Blood & Moonlight. The second book has an opening and is slowly progressing. I also have a story in the works. First in a trilogy. A contemp western of sorts that will follow three brothers if all goes according to plan.

Excited? I am. Now if I could just find where my Muse ran off to….

Addictive Shows

I don’t have cable. A crime I know, but it was supposed to serve two purposes. Keep me from watching tons of television and save me money. However, I still sneak in a little television courtesy of Netflix. Usually means they have stuff a season or two behind. Addiction is still possible though. My two latest addictions are courtesy of one of brainstorming partners –

1. The Walking Dead

2. Sons of Anarchy

These shows definitely have their addictive qualities. Zombies and Bikers. Two totally opposite ends of the spectrum and I love em both. Talk about action packed and a bit gory. But it has everything. Romance. Betrayal.

The Re-work

I have this habit of printing out a manuscript and going through it by hand with a red pen, or even a black on. The color makes little difference to me. However, it is the act of sitting down and looking over the manuscript, away from the computer. For some reason, seeing it on paper seems to allow me the chance to see it in a new light. Well that and time away from the book.

We all do it. Authors I mean. Immerse ourselves so deeply in the work that we are unable to see it’s flaws. This manuscript is very dear to my heart. It took about two years on and off to finish. But it is truly my baby. No way could I look at it objectively at first. It took it being rejected and some time away for me to see the best thing I could do for my dear beloved characters and their story, was to allow it time to breathe. Time to vacation away from me.

It’s been eight months. I think I’m ready now. I’ve already begun to mark it up. There will be a new twist worked in. (I have a soft spot for characters with some sort of history no matter how small). Backstory is being cut. Words will have to walk the plank…face the firing squad… go the way of many words before them and vanish from the page. *Beginning to panic. Hyperventilating. Tightness in chest.*

I’m good now. This is all for the best after all. The good of the story must come first. Otherwise the story will not shine as it is meant to be. The brilliance of it will be masked by the wordiness that has consumed my manuscript. Yes I’m humble. Can you tell? Just you wait, you will see the method to my mad ramblings when the time comes. Until then, you like the characters, will just have to wait and see what shall become of them.