On the 6th Day of Christmas~

My friends at Passionate Critters gave to you…

The Last Snowy Encounter by our very own Clarissa Yip!

If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Cole and Maddy in Snowy Encounters, here’s a little more of their story. If you haven’t…well what are you waiting for? Go check it out at PC now!

A Passionate Christmas~

There is something appealing about buying anthology pieces. There is the chance to sample new authors through anthologies. Sometimes they are paired with an author you already know and love that help sweeten the deal. Usually shorter reads, they are  a quick fix for that reader junkie in you. Most anthologies I’ve picked up are set around a similar theme. Take my own foray into this realm with Wild Ride. All western/cowboy type stories that pull you in with their promise of cowboy lovin’. This Christmas anthology did something I haven’t seen before, and while it could totally have simply escaped my notice before now, I am still enthralled all the same.

A Passionate Christmas brings together four authors- Clarissa Yip, R.M. Gilbert, Silke Juppenlatz, and Nina Croft. Their stories range from contemporary to paranormal. That isn’t really what captures me though. What really sold me was the fact that while the stories may be different within the romance sub-genres, they are all set in the same town and there is some slight crossover of characters into the other stories. Now in order to pull something like this off, these ladies really had to communicate with each other before, during, and after the project. (We will learn more about that next week at The Sweet, the Bad, ‘n the Wicked) I myself am looking forward to reading each of these stories. Not only that but I want to know your feedback if you’ve read them and what appealed to you about this anthology. Just click on the post card to be swept away to Decadent Publishing where all books are currently available for purchase!

And don’t forget to stop by The Sweet, the Bad, ‘n the Wicked next Wednesday for a chance to learn more about the lovely authors behind A Passionate Christmas.

Plays Well With Others~

Or at least I like to think I do. I am embarking on yet another new adventure. A group blog with some fellow authors, both published and aspiring. Should be fun. I suggest you make it a point to stop by and visit over at The Sweet, the Bad, ‘n the Wicked. Trust me, I think you will enjoy sharing and conversing with authors of the varied sub-genres within the realm of romance.

Meanwhile, a little update on yours truly. I am working on a holiday free read. It has been an exciting journey. One that has also turned into a learning experience. This is true of most things I have attempted in my writing career. When the story is ready, trust me you will be the first to know. Time for me to get back to work. I have a full manuscript to tighten up and draft my query letters for, a free read to send off, and new stories to pen. I will touch base with you all again soon.