Enter Kiya’s Mind

Today I’m turning the floor over to Nicole Zoltack. Adore this fun-loving woman. She is giving us a little peek into the mind of Kiya, from her newest release, White Hellebore

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Imagine a world where you love someone so much you abandon your town, your family, your whole world to follow them to their town. Imagine your happiness when they propose. Imagine your dream of a happy future.

Now imagine learning that you have been betrayed, your dream shattered, your happiness destroyed, your world now a living hell, a constant reminder of all you have given up.

Do you wait and hope that things get better? Do you cling to the love you remember?

Or does your heart turn bitter and black?

This is Kiya’s past. Her mind is made up. There is no going back now. She has a new hope now, one that can easily be obtained. Because Kiya isn’t just a scorned woman. She’s a scorned witch. And scorned witches suffer no fools.

BLURB: After destroying Skull Krusher, Nicholas Adams thinks Falledge is safe and becomes a security guard at the museum, watching a valuable statue. Unfortunately, the Egyptian statue houses the soul of a scorned witch, biding her time to have her revenge on the descendants of her cheating lover.

Kiya the witch isn’t the only new foe in town as the drug that created Skull Krusher has now transformed a scientist into yet another monster, forcing Nicholas to don his Black Hellebore mask again and save Falledge.

Nicholas has no help this time as Kiya gains possession of his love Julianna’s body and brings the soul of Justina, Nicholas’s high school sweetheart and Julianna’s twin, with her. Despite himself, Nicholas is torn between the sisters. If he can’t stop the fiends from taking over the world and destroying humankind, he’d never be
able to find lasting, true love.

Add it on Goodreads! https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/21912639-white-hellebore

Displaying author pic_b&w.jpgBIO: Nicole Zoltack loves to write in many genres, especially romance, whether fantasy, paranormal, or regency. When she’s not writing about knights, superheroes, or zombies, she loves to spend time with her loving husband and three energetic young boys. She
enjoys riding horses (pretending they’re unicorns, of course!) and going to the PA Renaissance Faire, dressed in garb. She’ll also read anything she can get her hands on. Her current favorite TV show is The Walking Dead. To learn more about Nicole and her
writing, visit http://NicoleZoltack.blogspot.com.

Sloan McBride’s Tempting You

Oh how I have been waiting for this day to come. And now she is here! Sloan! *Moira waves fanatically* Can’t wait to continue following along on your blog tour. Thanks for making this one of your stops along the way.

Hi, All…..Day Two of my blog brings me by to see Moira Keith.  Thanks for having me, Moira.  It’s great to be here.

I love fall.  I really can’t say that enough….LOL  Burning leaves, bonfires, picking pumpkins, haunted hayrides.  What is there not to love?

Q:  You write paranormal romance.  Is there any type of paranormal you like more than the others?

A:   There are so many awesome things it’s hard to choose one favorite.  I think paranormal is pretty interesting stuff and it gets my imagination flowing.

Please tell me if you have a certain aspect of paranormal that you like to read about.  Remember, to enter for any of the prizes I’m giving away during my blog tour all you have to do is post a comment on the blog the day I am appearing there.  I will pick the winners and post the list on my blog November 1st.

TODAY’S PRIZE:    Free download of my debut novel “Highland Stone”

~~Love Spans All Time~~


Special Treat~

Next week we will have a special treat! Sloan McBride will be stopping by for another special Temptation Tuesday. To wet your appetite a bit, I am posting her book trailer here. You know you wanna press play. Go on. Do it. I won’t tell.

Don’t forget to come back on Tuesday to learn more about Sloan! Oh and pop on over to her site and have a look around.

No Mercy~

I love Sherrilyn Kenyon. She is an amazing writer and her Dark Hunters just pull you in. So obviously this story intrigues me and it is added to the Christmas wish list as my book budget has been in the red for some time now. Not that I am complaining, just wish I had more time to read the books I love and the money to satiate my appetite. Enjoy the trailer.

Blood Moon~

Ellen Keener tempted me and I am now going to attempt to do the same to you….

Fugitive shifter, Aria Legreve, is always on the run. With her own life at risk, she helps a badly beaten shifter to his Pack, knowing the danger her meddling entails. Hoping to use her status as an Outcast and be set free, her world changes when she meets head on with no other than her Mate—who is dead.

Alpha Lukas MacLeod has been searching for his wife for the past year, until Aria walks straight into his lair. Fate intervenes and gives them a second chance. Caught up in an intricate web of lies and prophecies in the making for generations, Aria and Lukas must discover a way to balance the darkness in their world, but will their love be strong enough to save their pack and each other?

So I had the privilege of meeting this author through the Internet writing circles….and when I saw this title on her website (and after the drool had subsided), I just had to feature the book on Temptation Tuesday. Seriously, if for no other reason than to be tempted by the cover alone. Really looking forward to reading this one. If you are too, then pop on over to Decadent Publishing and pick it up!


I am here to tempt you yet again my pretties with some wondrous tales. These little gems are all part of the Enchanted Anthology from Samhain. Each story is being released in eBook format today. Want it in print? You will have to wait, but it will be so worth it. Trust me.

Awaken by Anya Richards

An angry fairy queen trapped his body. A woman’s love could imprison his heart.

An Enchanted story.

Prince Ryllio once lived so charmed a life, even he began to believe nothing bad could touch him. Then a moment’s indiscretion brought Queen Mab’s wrath raining down, encasing him in stone.

Hundreds of years later, he is losing hope that anyone will find him, much less counter the spell. Until a beautiful young woman wanders into his hidden glade to privately discover the pleasures of her own body. Her sensual innocence reignites his acute longing for freedom.

Lured into the old forest by an irresistible impulse, Myrina finds intimate communion with Ryllio’s imprisoned spirit. His whispered guidance weaves an erotic spell, rousing her to undreamed heights of ecstasy.

The intertwining of their minds comes at a devastating price. As each encounter intensifies, Myrina falls in love with a man she can never touch. And Ryllio realizes he must give up the last vestiges of his humanity—or condemn her to a life devoid of a flesh-and-blood lover…

Warning: Bawdy faeries cause mayhem and wicked self-love abounds, as a voyeuristic prince and a shy but willing commoner both get a fine erotic comeuppance (put the emphasis in “comeuppance” where you will).

Slayer by D.L. Snow

Marriage? No, thanks. She’d rather kiss a dragon.

An Enchanted story.

All Prince Cahill needs to assume the throne is one simple thing: a wife. Except every virgin princess in the kingdom has turned up deflowered before the deal can be sealed. The very next maiden to cross this threshold, he vows, will be his bride.

When she appears—injured, half-frozen and reeking of dragon dung—he holds to his promise and puts her to the final test to prove her worthiness. A test that involves a mattress and a pea.

Breanna couldn’t be less interested in marriage, especially to a cocksure royal like Cahill. Since losing her family to a dragon horde, she has become the continent’s finest slayer—a job she doesn’t plan on giving up until the last dragon’s blood drips from her sword.

Yet her sleepless nights are plagued with visions of Cahill doing wicked things to her untutored body. And when she fights at his side to repel a dragon attack, her visions become delicious reality.

But Queen Eleanor, whose reign is about to end, has no intention of giving up her power. Not to Prince Cahill, and certainly not to some young upstart…

Warning: This book contains corruption, seduction, conspiracy and magically-induced erotic dreams. And that’s just the first chapter.

Snow by Deborah M Brown

When her prince comes, her dream could turn into a nightmare.

An Enchanted story.

It’s not that Anais hates her new stepdaughter. She simply has bigger things on her mind, like birthing a son for the aging king. Temptation beckons in the mirror eyes of the king’s huntsman, leading her down a path of dark desires until, by the time she realizes Rui’s true nature, it is too late. Her heart is ensnared, and she will do anything to keep him in her arms. Especially when his roving eyes land on the princess…and Anais’s indifference turns to hate.

Upon her father’s death, the painfully shy Snow White quickly learns she can rely on no one—least of all the stepmother she once hoped would become a friend. Surrounded by undercurrents of treachery she cannot hope to understand, she turns to her seven dwarven guards for guidance. Freed of their magical bindings, these small yet perfectly formed, handsome men vow to open her innocent eyes to the dangers of court politics…and the ways of men.

Yet lust is a cruel master, and Snow White’s girlish longing for purest love could blind her to the destruction that waits to take a bite out of her dreams…

Warning: Contains explicit sex scenes between a queen and her lover, the lover and his male lover, and—yes—proof that size doesn’t matter when it comes to true lust, er, love.

Wolf by Cara Carnes

One act of kindness cements a destiny she couldn’t fathom.

An Enchanted story.

As a child, the Lost Woods were Hannah’s passion. A place where she dreamed of mysterious creatures, including one she saved—a man who magically changed into a wolf. Now, twelve years later, the woods are her refuge from a horde of marauders who killed her mother.

This time, it is the wolf who saves her. And he is no dream.

Stephan can’t help but remember the time Hannah encouraged him to free his injured leg and continue the soul journey required of his kind. The child unwittingly bound herself to him, and now the woman tempts him like no other. Yet if she learns his secret, her fragile trust could be broken for all time.

Hannah doesn’t see how she can possibly fit into Stephan’s world—especially when their overwhelming passion reveals the one reason she should not trust him. Stephan has fought more than his share of battles, but the one for Hannah’s heart is the one that could break his own…

Warning: Kickass, shape-shifting alphas will leave you breathlessly begging for Lost Woods. Be careful …they may know what you think!!!

All of these wonderful books are available from Samhain.

Can I Tempt You?

For my long overdue posting on Temptation Tuesday, I thought I would tempt you with a few new paranormals from Samhain. And of course, without a mention of the Scottish in the blurb? Yet one more reason I find these two all the more tempting. Take a peek and see if there is something you can’t wait to dig into.


Dark Currents by Mima

It’s not every day a woman faces down the bitch who owns her man’s soul.

Elementals, Book 1

Xia is sick and tired of having her ass served to her every bloody night. Exhausted, she soldiers on, working the Scottish dream beat alone, seeking to identify those who plot to awaken Aqua, one of the four slumbering elements. Should Aqua fully open her eyes, she won’t be happy until she picks her teeth with the bones of the last human on earth.

When an assassin tags Xia, her new guardian arrives—a seal shifter linked to the very element she fears. Adam is certain that Markos, Xia’s boss and sometimes lover, is putting her in unnecessary danger. But Xia has tasted the inhuman cruelty that is Aqua and will do anything to stop her, even relive a terrifying, perilous spell.

Now that Adam has been assigned to protect her witchy spirit wanderings, Xia has to trust him. It isn’t his power or ability she’s uneasy about, but the fact he’ll have to take all the pain meant for her.

Then the Chamber ruthlessly deploys Xia and Adam in a dangerous ritual. Adam can protect her body and defend her mind…but nothing can safeguard her from the backlash of the world-changing knowledge she discovers.

Warning: This adventure is blatantly Scottish and dives into save-the-world sex with two of the hunkiest magical men you’ll ever meet.


Valhalla by Mandy M. Roth

It’s hard to be good when the other side is oh, so bad.

The Valkyrie, Book 2

Linnea isn’t exactly happy with her life as one of Odin’s handmaidens, but she has always done what is expected of her. Yet all the while she knows the truth—the Valkyries are stretched thinner every day. And now Evil has stopped playing by the rules and started recruiting minions from the supernatural gene pool.

Her newest assignment: counter the vampires’ plan by seeking out brave male souls with supernatural powers to join Valhalla’s cause. Leaping through waterfalls of time and into legendary battles has never bothered her before, but even with her magic, it’s tough to beat the bloodsuckers to the best warriors before they can be turned.

She never expected her quest to bring her face to face with love, in the form of Kerr Laochailan. Their innocent temptation flares into desire, so hot and fast it attracts the wrong kind of attention. In a cruel joke of fate, Kerr is torn from her. Yet her mission goes on. And Fate isn’t through playing tricks on the lovers yet, nor is it done introducing lovers to her bed…

Warning: This book contains a butt-kicking female, torn between her love of a stubborn Scottish vampire and a super-sexy Italian blood sucker. Oh, and a lot of fight scenes.


If either of these books has piqued your interest, you can go directly to Samhain’s Website or click on the image of each individual book to go directly to it’s home on Samhain’s site. Congrats on your releases Mima and Mandy. Wish you much success with these two tempting titles. Well, I’m off to work and will be digging into my own body of fiction and Gaelic men later today. Have a great Tuesday everyone!

Dark Succession ~

This is my first installment of Temptation Tuesday where I can hopefully help entice you to read some really good authors out there. Perhaps you may find a new author to love, or an old favorite. Whether the stories are new or old, these authors have a great wealth of imagination to share with you.

First installment is one of my favorites and yes, I am biased. Teresa D’Amario’s Dark Succession. Watch the trailer, then go buy it.

Win a Copy of Buckling Down!

That’s right! If you hop on over to Coffee Time Romance and visit their contest page… scroll down until you come across my oh so fabulous cover and enter to win. (Of course I am expecting that you all rushed to purchase your copy already, but just in case…)

While you are there… check out my good friend, Teresa D”Amario, on the contest page for a chance to win a little paranormal love. ;)

That’s all for now folks, because we are keeping it short and sweet today.