Wednesday Wishes~

Believe it or not I really drew a blank today when it came to putting up a little hotness. Then I thought what about wishes? I mean sure there’s the whole, “I wish I had an agent’ thing, but that will come in time. This wish was on a more basic, cellular level. Something so ingrained into most women’s psyche that all they have to do is see that signature Blue box and bow and their hearts swoon. It is hotness on a totally different level. You know the little blue box of which I speak ladies. Don’t be bashful. Shout it right out.

I’ve made myself a promise. When I land myself an agent, I am going to join this little girl with a box or two of my own. And I’ve had my heart set on this piece for awhile.

And I wouldn’t mind it being delivered by someone who looks like him…

Look at that! I found my hotness after all. Just needed to think Tiffany’s and who I would like to deliver the blue box and whoot… there it is! Happy Wednesday!