A Few Updates~

Well, guess what I discovered while perusing Amazon.com the other day? Print Anthology cover art. I tell you what, Scott Carpenter does awesome work! Um do I love the cover? Surely you jest. I mean really what kind of a question is that. Just look at it. Is it love? Oh that might be a slight understatement.

Wild Ride print cover

Now this little beauty is available for pre-order now, however it will not be released until March 1,2010. I know talk about your early teasers for those of you dying to have a print copy, but I could not sit on this until then. Can you imagine?

Okay, now for the second update, I am going to be guest blogging over at Phoebe Jordan’s site, Talk About My Favorite Authors, tomorrow. Be sure to check it out.

Third and final update for the day…. Chosen is making progress. It is slow going, but I am beginning to feel my way around the story again and it feels good. Should breech the 50k mark at any moment now, as long as things go smoothly and the muse continues to bless me. Hopefully I will continue to do the story justice as I would really hate to disappoint the handful of people who have been harassing me for the finished copy of this little gem. (You know who you are and your patience is greatly appreciated.)

Til next time, Sláinte!